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The way loot is gernerated “on demand” is unfair

Content of the article: "The way loot is gernerated “on demand” is unfair"

How is loot generated and what are the parameters? This is kind of a rhetorical question. If you watch a replay, you see that the loot is being generated short before you land. But apperently it depends on the number of players landing within the same spot at the same time. I say this because I made some stats about it after having the sensation that the loot is generated shotly before players come in contact with them. So for fun I decided to play only 1-man-squad and focus on landing on the same spot. I wanted to know by how much the quanity and quality of the loot changes with the numbers of enemy players landing with you.

Here are my stats

So what? You couldn't carry more guns anyway right?

Right the problem is; when the quanity is low, the quality also sucks… and this results in a big disadvantage when an enemy team lands on the building next to you. The fact that you're outnumbered should be enought to screw you why should they deserve even better loot?Example when I land solo on the roof, and a team of 4 lands together on the building next to me, they all end up with AR and SR while I have to face them with a shotgun and an uzi…

IMHO, that's extremely unfair and it shouldn't be that way.

If you checked the spreadsheet, you realize I didn't get 50 samples of cases where 5 or more landed with me. Well that would take me months because it didn't happend so much. But here's a rare example where I + 4 landed on the roof (I didn't saved the replay, but a streamer captured the scene, was forced to suicide jump there). As you can see, good starting loot on the roof (SCAR-L + M16A4 + M416 + Mini 14). Even if you land 3sec before the rest of the enemy, there's no way you survive that unless chicken out and run away.

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Conclusions are:

  • More players landing in a zone: more loot generated there.
  • Low loot quantity = no loot quality expected in the rest of the building, and also:
  • Low loot quality on root = low loot quality on all levels on the building.

TL;DR: The way loot is generated makes the game unbalanced/unfair and should be reviewed.


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