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Today’s ranked experience

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Take this with grain of a salt, I just needed to vent my frustration and point out why the player base is shrinking so much. Also this is coming from someone who played competitively and had constantly 300+ ADR in the last few seasons, even little bit above 400 ADR in the last ranked season, so I know when I make a mistake and I know what is and what isn't possible to hit.

Game 1 – 7th place, 2 kills – killed by blatant cheaters

Everything was kinda fine, but in the end, we got screwed by the zone AND wiped out by blatant cheaters – wherever we peeked from behind the horizon, they instantly headshoted us and pushed us in the end.

Game 2 – 10th place, 0 kills – killed by potential radar users

Good rotates, some small fights along the way, then got caught in fight with one team – their timing on everything was perfect, they pushed us from the side in the probably like 5 second window where there was nobody covering that side. Could be luck, could be radar. Who knows?

Game 3 – 13th place, 1 kill – 3rd and 4th partied

Well, Sanhok, what can I say. We were chasing one team, two others joined them and all 3 teams attacked only us. Bad luck.

Game 4 – 14th place, 0 kills – killed by clear macro or norecoil users and potentially even radar users

We dropped St. Martin with another squad, they literally hit every shot. And also overconfidently pushed even without intel of how many players are in what buildings. I ended up double tapped by SLR into the head so fast that I wasn't even able to aim at the guy's head with Kar.

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Game 5 – 15th place, 0 kills – killed by clear aimlock user

Again St. Martin, there was other squad dropping at the other side of the city. We looted and two of the enemies entered my house. As soon as I heard their footsteps, I went quiet, so they had no intel that I'm inside. I was holding a hallway through doors, the guy was slowly checking every room, when I saw him through the doorway, I sprayed him, he instantly run into the opposite room within milisecond of me shooting, I chased him, when I enterd the other room, he was backwards to me, but I didn't even entered ADS and I was knocked by two headshots. From replay, he just instantly turned by 180 degrees and double-headshoted me without even ADSing. And no, it wasn't just weirdness of killcam.

Game 6 – 13th place, 0 kills – 3rd partied after bad call on rotation

We were rotating, our first car stopped by a compound which was taken, started shooting at them, me and the other guy stopped further away, peeked more from distance, but then another car stopped behind the hill on our left. At the same time, some other squad on the cliffs 400 meters away from us spotted us, so we ended up surrounded from 3 sides. Definitelly our fault tho, we shouldn't have stopped to conquer the taken compound and rotate to some other one.

Game 7 – 13th place, 0 kills – wiped by guys who didn't miss a shot and headshoted us all

Dropped north-east appartments at Yasna, there was other team fighting us. Literally every shot they fired was hit, most of them headshots.

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Game 8 – 8th place, 2 kills – killed from 100m with Beryl spray, clear no-recoil

We rotated well, killed one team, but as we were in the houses patching up after the fight, another team surrounded us. I ended up killed by a guy, who started spraying with Beryl from like 100 meters away to destroy the doors I was behind, and I got instant headshot as soon as the doors was broken – this was something between 15th and 20th bullet fired in one spray.

So, TL-DR:

8 games played

5 games killed by clear cheaters
1 game killed by potential cheaters
1 game killed by bad luck
1 game killed by our own stupidness

Yeah, not every day is the same and as bad as this one (we played 3 games yesterday – 2nd, 2nd, 1st), but the amount of cheaters is really insane right now. Add that up with stupid circle settings, which are set to hardshift the zone almost every time and you get probably the least fun experience in all gaming. I'm all in for challenging fights with good opponents, but being headshotted in almost every single fight without even a slightest chance to fight back is really frustrating. When there will be some other competitive title I can play, I will hapilly move away from PUBG and never look back.


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