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Training Mode: What needs to change

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Training mode is probably the least worse part of pubg atm, but there are still a number of things that i think will improve everyone's experience.

Nades: nobody likes having someone throwing a Molotov at them constantly, or a nade blowing up next to them and throwing off their crosshair when they are trying to practice. I am not saying that nades should be removed from training mode at all, in fact they need to add both flashes and smokes, but instead they should make it so the nade only has an impact on the person throwing the nade, flashes only blind the thrower and smokes are only visible to the person that throws them, this will help people practice with all utility without impacting other players in the session

Ammo: im sure all people hate having to run back to the ammo every often to stock up for spray practice, this is needless and could be combated in a number of ways, firstly have infinite backpack space, or ammo could take up no space in bags. Or ammo could be infinite, not in the sense that you dont need to reload, but that you have unlimited ammo of all types in you bag without having to pick it up.

stop arrows from staying in people from crossbow

bots: everyone would benefit from replacing the wooden figure things that move at a pointlessly slow pace back and forward on the ranges, replace them with bots running side to side, this would be far more useful for practising dmr,sr and longer range ar sprays, for things like leading. bots are already good at running around in the open and suddenly turning so just put them in training mode. they can also add realistic bots trying to dodge bullets, not like the ones in normal games, but something realistic to practice on, the closer to players in the real game the better.

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time: for someone like me, who practices in training mode for extended periods, its annoying to have to rejoin a new game after 30 mins, why not make the time unlimited, the lobby would shut when all players have left, and if the last player hasn't moved for say 5 mins, then kick them and close the lobby.

And i know none of this will happen because pubg doesn't listen to anything the community has said, since they haven't updated either tdm or training mode since they came out over 6 months ago, its still good to talk about potential improvements.


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