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Update on my GameFAQs guide for PUBG

Content of the article: "Update on my GameFAQs guide for PUBG"

Dear PUBGers,

I posted a while ago my guide for PUBG on GameFAQs. PUBG is such the game but it didn't have any GFAQs guide so I did one, aimed at the beginner though pro vets might benefit from it as well.

After posting here I got helpful feedback and used it to improve the guide. The guide increased considerably on size and there were many new sections added.

So much so, that I feel it's worthy posting here again so you can make updated feedbacks, I look forward to it. I'd recommend reading the entire guide again, it's at the least good practice. But if you're just lazy I'll try to outline the changes (you can also refer to versions history on the guide):

-Added section "STARTERS" for the Weapons aimed at helping new players know the weapons.

-Revamped "ATTACHMENTS" section by using more consolidated nomenclature for each of the Attachment Slots of the Weapons of the game.

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-Added detailed explanation of Recoil in "MUZZLE ATTACHMENTS" and how to handle with it.

-Added explanation on how to take long shots by zeroing and leading a target ("SIGHT ATTACHMENTS")

-Added all the compatible Attachments for each weapon on a weapon by weapon basis! ("ATTACHMENTS FOR EACH WEAPON")

-Added explanation for the "CARE PACKAGES", how they work and how to deal with them.

-Updated the "THE GAME" section.

-Added "USEFUL LINKS" section a la Bibliography by giving trusty tools to help with the game and even some of the best Streamers for the game.

-Added explanation for how the Flare Gun works – "SPECIAL" under "WEAPONS" section.

-Many other QoL improvements

The guide is here:

If you have feedback you can do so here or through one of the emails I provide in the guide. I appreciate the comments.

Lastly, I reached another personal milestone😮 now I'm 500h in with the game😆🤣, never played other game that much 🥰. And, don't worry, I won't post here every new milestone I get in the game😪.

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Thank you so much if you read everything.

And happy Dinners everyone!


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