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Video Review Station Report

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Dear Players:

Now that the VIdeo Review Stations is fully operational we want to give an update on the program as we know many of you are anxiously waiting to be apart of it. The PUBG MOBILE Team would like to thank everyone wholeheartedly for supporting Video Review! So far, we have a planned investigator quota of 15552 for now. We have plans to open additional slots in the future and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Each week, investigators can claim 3x Classic Crate Coupons after making a specified number of accurate reports.

Players who have submitted an application but have yet to receive credentials as investigators please don't be discouraged. Like we said above, we’ll be opening more spots for the Video Review Station investigation team in the coming weeks. Players who have already been approved and qualified: please note that after logging into the game, you'll receive the following pop-up prompt:

In addition, tap "Start Review" via "My Reviews" on the Video Review page to confirm that you've been qualified to make a review.

We’d like to also tackle some questions that have been frequently asked by investigators, and provide an overview with answers and explanations:

  1. All of the videos are from recent real matches. The PUBG MOBILE Team protects players' privacy and ensures fair trial results by masking character names.

  2. For all investigator audit cases, the PUBG MOBILE Team will personally and promptly perform a secondary audit and penalize accordingly to ensure that there are no omissions or backlogs.

  3. The influence of a report from an excellent investigator will increase and the reports that they make during matches will be given priority.

  4. In the future, investigators will have access to additional rewards for their hard work such as exclusive outfits and more. For some investigators, the number of videos that they can review per day will also increase, based on the investigator level and review accuracy.

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Thanks again for supporting the Video Review Station! We’re looking forward to growing this program and expanding the number of players that are certified to investigate. We’d like to again thank everyone for your feedback and enthusiasm for this program. We’re excited for the opportunity to work more closely with you all in order to make PUBG MOBILE a fair environment for all.



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