PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

What is the reason that the game is massively more popular in Asia than in North America?

I know a lot of games in underdeveloped/lower income/third world countries become popular because they are free to play, but that really shouldn't apply to PUBG because it's not F2P. I realize that you may not consider China an underdeveloped country, but it is certainly true that per capita the Chinese do not have as many home PCs as westerners.

I would be willing to bet the disparity of those families with personal PCs able to run PUBG is the same, which is why so many flock to internet cafes.

If this is the case (fewer personal PCs and Non-F2P), then certainly these would be limiting factors for Asian countries when it comes to playing PUBG. Yet this is not the case. If I remember the statistic, 80 to 90% of PUBG revenue comes from Asia, while the rest comes from Europe and NA, respectively.

So I can only look to cultural differences, of which the evidence is still suspect. Do Asians simply like BRs more than western countries? Maybe, but also probably not. If that were the case, then why does Warzone have such a huge following in the west, along with Fortnite and Apex? I haven't looked up numbers for these games, but I'm sure the payerbase for each of those games decimates PUBG's North American population.

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So if it's not a cultural difference in taste, and access to PCs and game price is not deterring Asian players, then what is?

We do know that it is a fact that the Asian playerbase has a higher number of cheaters than any other region, and a "last man standing" style game certainly facilitates the mindset of being able to climb the leaderboard without having any shame or presence of mind of whether its deserved. So the question is then posed – did NA die because its playerbase has relatively fewer cheaters and got sick of Chinese cheaters and no region lock?

But we also know that other games have cheaters. Does Activision's Warzone really do a better job that Krafton's PUBG at banning cheaters? Many will say no, but it's pretty much impossible to say one way or the other.

What is the real reason? I'm sure there are many of you that have much more data than I do, but we all know the game used to be the most played game on Steam (and still is one of them), but now the NA servers are basically dead.


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