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Why I think the angled Grip is objectively the best grip in the game

Content of the article: "Why I think the angled Grip is objectively the best grip in the game"

I strongly believe that the angled grip is the best grip in pubg, here is why:

Firstly as can be seen from the spray charts from wackyjacky101s video (

) all grips have pretty consistent vertical recoil between different sprays, in fact the angled has the most consistent due to the fact that it has the least horizontal. And being the angled, it has by far the least horizontal recoil. horizontal recoil is completely unpredictable and inconsistent, therefor cannot be trained only limited and controlled however i personally, and probably many others, find it hard to control, this means that the vert is hard to consistently stay on a target for long sprays due to the inconsistent horizontal recoil, however since vertical recoil is consistent and the angled has little to no horizontal recoil, it is easier to consistently do long sprays on targets without deviating of them.

Many people use the vert grip and half grip due to the decreased vertical recoil, i used to as well. But as silly and easy as it sounds, to counteract increased vertical recoil, you simply have to pull down more, and the increased vertical recoil can be learned in a very short amount of time in training mode. Some dont like the angled due to the first bullet kick, however the angled actually has less bullet kick than the half, possibly the second most popular grip. And although still a lot more than the vert, its very much manageable even without a comp. I personally find the vertical recoil fine to handle and i play on sens lower than most 800 DPI, 23 ADS and scopes with 28 general.

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As can be seen by the images on the left, its obvious that when in the open, no matter the position of the player, even if they are crouched and leaning, that the player is taller than they are wide, meaning that you are more likely to miss a player on the x axis than on the y, however i am aware that in some circumstances the player may be wider than tall (ridge fights, window peaks etc) i still believe you will miss most of your shots to the side, and not above or below the enemy. This means that increased horizontal control is a must. In my opinion the angled has the highest skill ceiling of any grip.

Although not nearly as much as the thumb grip, the angled also has increased ads speed, which is useful in ridge and cqc fights as you can be accurate in shooting faster.

This leads me to the question, why dont more people use the angled grip? well i think there are a number of factors that play a part in this. Firstly as mentioned you will have to pull down more with the angled than with other grips, and the first few shots are undoubtedly harder to control than with the vert this means that many might simply see the grip as to hard to control compared to others and so they use more approachable grips such as the vert and half. The fact that you can only use vert grip in tdm may also play a part. But also the fact that people have always used the vert, due to it popularity among pros and its recommendation by youtubers such as wacky in the very video i referenced and that they are hesitant to try a different grip. I to used to play vert grip for the majority of my 1.3k hours, but recently have been trying different grips, and now have come to my beliefs on grips.

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These are simply my opinions, please feel free to disagree and provide evidence for your view point, I would love to see peoples responses. I apologies if some of my explanations are a bit confusing. thanks for reading and good luck getting that dinner.


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