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Why the updated Super rules are bad for the game

@small the head of Pubg E-sports Americas said on twitter that they would review all constructive comments about the change.

So here is my piece at why this is a bad decision :


-Super Settings where designed to even out some of the randomness that is inherent to a BR with random circles/loot. This change with make the winner much more random as it largely depends on circle luck shifting to your compound.

-Many fans have stated online that they feel like GenG or IFTY where the best teams during PGI.S. Fewer people will view the winner as the best team with this change.

-People want the best team to be claimed the winner. The less that happens the less people will care about the event.


-Watching a team you are rooting for get into a fight and win it is exciting. When playing WWCD format I was actively rooting for my team to not get into any fights.

-If your team losses 2-3 early it basically become pointless to keep watching as their odds of winning are incredibly low. With Super you can root for them to sneak into placement points and get a kill here or there.

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-As it stands now there is not much action in the first 10-15 mins of the game. De-incentivizing teams to fight early is going to shift that even further back. We are going to see minimal action for the first 15-20 mins and than way to many fights to show on screen at one time.

-Limits the number of viable strategies which will make the game more stale.

-If you know how the circle tend to play out you can look at the map in phase 3+ and know which teams have a chance of winning and which teams have very little hope.

Griefing and predictable scoring

-Having only 1 real "point" available each match removes the option of having teams crazy 25+ point games to catch up. If your 3 Dinners behind first with 2 games left than it is impossible to win. In old super settings if you where 40 points behind with 2 games left you at least stood a chance.

-If a team has 2 win lead going into the final match than the winner is decided before the game even starts.

-In the last game if the team in first has only one team that can beat them, than hot-drop/stalling that team is the correct move every time. This will not be interesting as a viewer as the winner of the whole event will be decided early in the final match. Impossible to say how often this situation will happen but IMO its pretty likely to happen.

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-Many teams will have nothing to play for in the last game or 2. This will lead to teams hot dropping other teams for a multiple of reasons (revenge, wanting x team to win/lose, placements, etc.)

Stress and frustration

-As a fan I found it very frustrating to see a team get 15+ kills in WWCD and be awarded with absolutely nothing. I imagine was even worse for the players.

-Many pros and coaches have spoken about how frustrating and stressful the randomness of WWCD is. I imagine if this goes on for a while it will burn many out and cause them to leave the scene.


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