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A long rant about how I play single player. My RedDead RP

So I am addicted to RDR2, like im sure many of you guys are and I have playthrough and beat the game probably 3 maybe 4 times so far, my PS4 broke at the beginning of 2020 and I didn't end up doing anything about it for a while until Xmas I asked my fam for some best buy gift cards so I could get a cheap Xbox, (decided I wanted an Xbox and I had already sold all my PS stuff anyway) so I started over a new game of some red dead. Im weird maybe, and I dont care for online at all, just not my cup of tea, however I am more than happy to enjoy the lovely world of RDR2 in single player/free roam. I love the game and can spend hours playing it and not get bored.

Anyways I definitely like to sort of lightly roleplay in my game, I've gone about this a few different ways so far and this time I kinda came up with a sort of backstory for Arthur and a way of playing the game that's a bit different. First, my Arthur is a Civil War veteran, he was conscripted by the confederates back in the day (im aware that RDR2 takes place a long time after the Civil War, I kinda pretend its earlier than it really takes place), although he was never for the cause, nor does he like slavery or anything, he just fought because he had to. Well my Arthur made it thru the war and was very bitter about the whole damn thing, so he fell in with Dutch's gang in his mid 20s. He had no problem killing and robbing because he felt owed something after the experience of the war. However as he gets to be a bit older, when the game takes place, he starts to let go of that anger and begin to desire a more peaceful and calm life, however hes stuck in the gang and still has some loyalty.

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So, during the events of the game, I play my Arthur as a usually good guy that spends most of his time away from camp. I try to play him as a morally good guy who doesn't just murder and rob all the time. I spend tons of time in the wilderness, away from camp, dressed in his old gray overcoat (kinda looks like a confederate uniform to me) and generally play only using a few different weapons that seem more period authentic, (a couple six-shooters, double barrel, the Springfield rifle, rolling block, and bow/varmint rifle for hunting, although ill bust out the occasional repeater or pump action if things get too hairy for me).

I roam the map, hunting, fishing, and camping, while trying to eat and sleep realistically. Ill do bounty missions as they come up, (for money and because it seems like Arthur's way of giving back in a way), and try to help folks in need all the time. My Arthur drinks a good amount too, cuz he has nightmares and flashbacks from the war and all the killing he has done. He slaughters Klan and gang members wherever he finds them (because they prey on the weak and are bad guys). He loves nature and the outdoors, loves his horse (right now a Nakota named Nicola tho i got my eyes peeled for an upgrade). Whatever horse he has though he pampers it. He does stuff like pets dogs, tries to humanely hunt, and I even do stuff like free horses from carriages if I have to kill the owners or something. Hes not too driven by money, I have gotten a lot cuz I have a good idea where to find good loot and stuff early on but I generally try to spend it quick so I don't feel like a rich guy by any means, and I always donate money to poor folks when I can.

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When I start to get a little bored of free roaming like this, I'll pop in camp and do a few missions here and there to advance things and continue on, but I like to think my Arthurs plan is to get himself enough money to cut and run from the gang before it all goes to hell. He dreams of having himself a little farm and trying to just live out the rest of his days in relative peace, tending to his land and not bothering anybody anymore. Unfortunately as we all know, life has other plans for Arthur and as the story unfolds, he begins to realize his dreams will never come true, his sins are too many and the best he can hope for is to help as many innocents around him get out safely and live that life he dreams of.

Idk, I love this game and its brought me many many hours of joy and playing this way, with some extra rules or whatever you wanna call it, limitations and such on him has made the game even more fun and gotten me more hours out of it than I normally would with a game. I think im gonna continue to play this way thru one more time, (it'll be a long playthru for sure) but after that I'm gonna set the game down for a good long while and let my boah be at peace.

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Thanks for listening to my ramblings, lol, anyone else play like this tho? Kinda make up your own backstory, roleplay, maybe add your own limitations on your character and such? Feel free to share any and all ideas that you may have and how you personally enjoy playing yourself!


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