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Abigail is the worst part of Epilogue Pt 1 and John did nothing wrong.

Content of the article: "Abigail is the worst part of Epilogue Pt 1 and John did nothing wrong."

It all starts when John gets a job and place to live at Pronghorn Ranch by chasing off the Laramies, and Abigail gets mad at him for "throwing his weight around." When literally the only reason they aren't living on the streets is because John protected the ranch. Abigail and Jack didn't do shit, so I don't see how she has any reason to be mad.

Then John and Jack get ambushed by some guys at Strawberry who want revenge, so John kills them to protect Jack. When he gets back, Abigail is pissed at him for killing those guys and her reasoning is some bullshit like "wE hAvE a SoN." I really wonder what is going on in Abigail's tiny mind. The hell was John supposed to do? Was he supposed to stand there get himself and Jack killed?

Then the Pronghorn Ranch cattle get stolen and if they don't get them back the ranch will probably go out of business, which means John has to once again find a place to work and live. The only way to get the cattle back is to kill the gang that stole them, and so John does the right thing by going to their base, killing the leader, and getting the cattle back. He didn't just go up there and shoot up the place for no reason, he did it to protect his employer.
But when he gets back Abigail in her infinite wisdom decides to run away with Jack because she thinks he will end up like Dutch, when John has never killed or fought anyone just for the fun of it.

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Abigail keeps telling John not to be some Wild West folk hero, when the only one living in a fictional world is Abigail for thinking that everything will be alright if John lays back and let people walk over him. And for someone who literally does nothing at the ranch (12 year old Jack does more work than Abigail because he was cleaning the stables while she stays home and gets mad at John for trying to make the best of their situation) she has no right to complain. If I were John the only reason I'm buying Beecher's Hope is to give Jack a place to live. Not because of fucking Abigail.


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