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Advanced Roles: The Wrangler

Disclaimer: I know the Rockstar doesn't check this sub and even if they did you never implement any of our ideas or suggestions. (We all waited for something new and Blood Money just isn't it). I know people only want to own property and rob banks, so I am just doing this as a thought exercise and to engage with the community.

Advanced Roles: The Blood Money update is directed towards new players, while long-term players have more money/gold than they know what to do with it. With this, I’m trying to plan a role that would be demanding (expensive), and assume players have access to resources already. I would even consider putting a level barrier 100 on an “advance roll.” It gives experienced players something to do and new players something to strive for.

New Role: The Wrangler I read a great post a few months back and wanted to build on it. The focus of this role is on horses. Players will be allowed to sell, train, and tame wild horses (defined as a horse w/o a saddle). It will require gold (do you have some?) and will introduce several new elements that promote planning, player interaction, and joining a persistent posse.


+Horse Guide: Much like the Naturalist, you can track different breeds of horses, their stats, types of coats, how many you have broke, tamed, sold, etc.

+Crafting Horse Treats: Oatcakes plus berries and chocolate, yum! Can increase bonding rate, bravery, gold cores, etc.

+Taming Wild Horses: pretty self-explanatory. When taming a wild horse, you unlock the mane/tail/coat colors and patterns to be used later in horse customization. (gotta catch em all)

+Ranches (MacFarlane & Emerald). These will be the hubs of the new role. After introducing it with a unique mission, it WILL require a substantial gold buy-in, as well as gold daily upkeep (.1/stall). They function similar to stables (10 slots) but for wild tamed horses. From here you can: train, tame, and sell horses.

  • Train: From the Ranch, you can enter into a unique solo instance to ride the horses to bring up your bonding level. More Bonding=More Money when sold. I picture it as a horse-riding course with obstacles, jumps, practicing maneuvers (horse strafing), earning bonding at an increased rate.
  • Tame: Once a horse is max bonding you have the option to “tame” it. For gold, you may transfer it from the Ranch to your regular stable. When doing so you may choose any other horse's stat block. This will allow you to get the look you want with the stats you want. (ie a big Arabian)
  • Sell: You can now sell horses for cash & gold (higher bonding/better stats/rare breed = more money) There will be a weekly list for specific horses (like Collector) with a gold payout instead of $.

+Camp Upgrade – Hitchin’ Post: You already have these at your camp, make them functional with a (gold) upgrade that allows you to store one (1) wild horse at your camp. This CAN be stolen when your white flag is down.


Horse Drive – A Posse Mission: Functionally identical to a Trader’s long delivery mission. You leave from the ranch to a location like a railyard or port trying to keep the herd from breaking. It will be almost impossible w/o a large posse, but if you have a camp dog they can assist. You whip/yell at horses to try and keep them with the herd, lasso ones that run off, all while being harried by rustlers, pumas, and wolves. Also just like the trader role, other players CAN steal the herd (or even a single horse) from you.

Pony Express – A Posse PvP Race: Similar to mail delivery, these are relay-style missions where players are passing an item from one to the next. Members are stationed along the route at locations where they have to toss the bag from one moving horse to the next (exact same way you “jump to a moving horse”) Team A is trying to set a time while Team B tries to stop them. Team A has the waypoints on the map, Team B does not. There is also team CPU that is trying to kill both parties. At the end of the race the teams switch roles (Team B delivers while A tries to stop them)

Ranch Races: These are individual timed trials (maybe on the same training course you use to tame your horses?) that give you a personalized time. When visiting the ranch there will be a public leaderboard based on players in the lobby (you might have the fastest time in one lobby but not another) Adding possible Lasso Target races as well!

Weekly Wishlist: Just like the Collectors, each week there are certain horses & colors people need that will earn you’re an extra bonus when tamed & sold


+New Outfit(s)

+New Horse skins & Breeds (for purchase and in-wild)

+More Horses (& ones only found in Ambarino & New Austin)

+New Tack (saddles, stirrups, horseshoes)

+Weapon Re-skins (cattleman revolver)

+Buy Travel Wagons (for posse transport)

+Daily & Weekly Challenges

+New Events (listed above)

+Bonus xp/$/gold & Role xp for Races

+More Stable Stalls

+Selling Horses (bought and wild)

+Lasso Tricks

+Take your Horse into the Photobooth

+AND Persistent Posse Fixes(below)

Unlikely Additions:

Persistent Posse: You are allowed to be in posse even if the founding member is offline. All online members earn the full rewards for missions. New posse outfits (gold unlock) and standardize horse look (gold unlock) for the posse. When in the posse it spawns a shared camp (instead of the leader’s individual one) that members can all contribute to, store stuff at, unlock upgrade, etc. (including camp poker table)

Pack Mule: A (gold) upgrade that allows you to have a pack mule follow you to store things on. It cannot support a rider and will buck them off. If you are standing and whistle your main horse will come, if you are mounted and whistle the pack mule will come.

Breeding Horses: Pay gold and spawn a foal, the foal can have any stats and color combo of the parent horses. (you choose while spawning foal) This is where you will use the unlocked customizable options from earlier in the post.


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