Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Could both games be a story Jack wrote?

In Grand Theft Auto 5, there is a book called Red Dead Redemption written by author J. Marston. While its just a easter egg, it did make me wonder: Could Jack have written about Arthur and his Dad by reading their journals and creating the story we play out?

During Red Dead 2, Arthur keeps a journal detailing the activity of the gang, strangers, wildlife, etc. Near the end of the game, he gives John his satchel, which contains his journal. John will also doodle, make notes on people and animals in his journal as well. After Beecher's Hope is built, John put the journals somewhere safe, like in a dresser or under his bed. Life goes on. Then, Red Dead 1 happens. In the menu, there is a tab that says journal on it and it keeps track of stranger missions and challenges. So, in a sense, John does carry a journal with him on his journey. When he returns to Beecher's Hope, he puts the journal away next to Arthur's. All of his adventures now lay with the man who had his share of adventures as well.

This would also explain the Beecher's Hope portion of the game. Not much real exciting happens. Typical farm stuff. The reason: Jack was there. He saw his father tending the farm with Uncle. Other than the bear, its rather boring. The ending happens. While going over his fathers things, Jack finds Arthur's and John's journals. He reads them. Arthur and John, they put everything they did in this journals. So Jack, the aspiring writer he is, starts writing these activities out.

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But nobody wants to read a boring story. Jack knows this. So, like Varric from Dragon Age, he embellishes some things. Thats why John fights 30 people at a hideout. Why he can take an incredible amount of damage from bullets, falls, and wildlife attacks. Why the awesome parts of the game happen, such as the Attack On Fort Mercer or riding down the river with Irish. In "real life," this things were either quick and simple or nothing happened at all. So you add a little pizzazz to it to make it interesting. Arthur's story is the same thing. Arthur can carry hundreds of pounds of food and drink, gun oil, meat, pelts, etc. Why there are giants, UFOs, pentagrams, meteors, etc? Gotta find a way to sell that novel somehow. And maybe he won't get in trouble for killing an ex-government agent in Mexico if everyone thinks your book is fiction.

Obliviously, Undead Nightmare is a follow up to Red Dead Redemption. What with all the zombies, Horses Of the Apocalypse, Unicorn, Chupacabra and other things. maybe Jack wrote it during the Classical Monster Era during the 30s and 40s.

Just a idea that popped into my head one day and it sorta makes sense. At least to me.

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