Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Dead horses, Gold and Money…

This game suddenly seems intent on sending me endless supplies and cash… and gold. First it was the driverless wagons SEEN HERE , now its dead horses. I'm just riding along minding my own business near Riggs station, headed towards an area I heard tell is good chipmunk hunting, when I come upon two dead horses, one on each side of the road. I keep going and then another dead horse… then a couple more. There ended up being 7 or 8 of them. So like any good scavenger I start checking saddle bags. Two of them had the $25 gold nuggets in them, along with the usual $2.48 here, cocaine gum there, a side of salted venison etc etc. Then things started to get out of hand. And of course, weird… or I should say weirder, it already seemed a bit strange finding all the dead horses, never seen that before. Unless of course I had killed them, but that's a story for another time…

While I was checking a horse some poor bastid came riding up and became a witness to animal cruelty. I did what needed to be done and now had another dead horse's saddle bags to check along with a stranger to loot. That happened a couple more times and it was around this time I noticed that I could go back to horses I had already checked and check them again, and get more stuff. At first I wasn't 100% sure I had somehow missed the horse but it became clear rather quickly that the saddle bags were "respawning" as it were. I messed around with this for a bit, riding up and down the trail checking and rechecking horses and after a while, and 9 gold nuggets later, I got bored. When a witness got away and I saw 2-3 lawmen coming I decided to hightail it and get back to my orginal hunting mission. But after I lost the lawmen I decided to head back to the dead horse area. I get back and of course the weirdness has crept up a notch.

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Any horse that I had killed along with their witness was now a skeleton (the witness was gone) and had no saddle to check. But the orignal 7 or 8 horses were still there and still refilling their saddle bags for me. So I went through the whole routine again. This time it got dark so around 10pm I made camp and slept til morning. When I got up all the horses were still there. I fast traveled to St Denis, played some dominoes (had never played before RDR2 and now I'm addicted to the damn game *iroll*), came back and my dead money horses where still there delivering the goods. I now have 24 gold nuggets, not that I need the money, I finished Epilogue 2 and now just finishing up the last few things for the 100%.

Lastly, after I finally left the dead horse area "for good" I did some hunting and some other random stuff, saved my game and shut down my Xbox, slept thru the night, and when I got up today and got back on of course I ride straight to Dead Horse Alley (good a name as any I reckon) and they are STILL THERE. I guess they're there for good now? I'm fairly certain I can ride back to Driverless Wagon Road (I know, it's already getting old) and they will still spawn for me. It all looks permanent so far.

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So, like the driverless wagons I made some vids of this stuff and also wonder, has anyone ever seen this before or my game just glitching out in a major way? I haven't heard or seen in searching anything about the endless driverless wagons, I suppose the same will happen with this but I hold out hope I'll hear from a player with a lot of experience and hundreds of hours of game play. I tried searchig this and the one thing I saw mentioning "Unlimited Supplies & Money from Saddlebags" was just some guy taking other peoples horses, riding off and searching the bags, then bringing them back and after doing the 2 or 3 horses that were there he would ride far enough away that he could come back and do them again. Found nothing like what happened to me. So again, hope to hear from someone. Thanks.

*EDIT* I wrote the above basically right after the part where I say "when I got up today and got back on of course I ride straight to Dead Horse Alley (good a name as any I reckon) and they are STILL THERE". What I hadn't noticed yet was that not only are they still there but now there are WAY more of them. I haven't counted but conservatively there's at least 20 at the bare minimum and likely much closer to 30 than 20, if not over 30. They're just everywhere lol I'm finding them 10-20 ft into the woods off the trail, down both trails where there's a fork in the road where as before it was only down one. I'm not sure but maybe it's all the horses I shot yesterday? No idea, I would have to think more carefully about it and watch the clips I saved. The gold is flowing heavily now tho lol It really sucks that I dont need it. That however does not stop me from wanting to collect it lol

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