Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Dutch was the victim. Micah is worse than we all thought.

Dutch wasn't a good guy turned bad, or a bad guy showing his true colours. What happened was this.

Dutch truly truly believed in the fantasy he created for himself and the gang. He lived and breathed it.

It's why in 1899 he would get SO defensive at anybody who expressed even a little doubt, because he couldn't BEAR the fact that his worldview was wrong. It's why he read that book, constantly trying to justify it all. None the wiser to Micah's schemes.

Back in the gangs early days, in the free wide open plains, they would have virtually no law. The big corporations and rich people then were the "bad guys" compared to the standard man standing with his family.

Dutch, Hosea they are two "confidence men" from a bygone time, HOPELESSELY Stuck 20 years in the past. At least Dutch was hopelessly stuck. Hosea, he understood that their time was passed, and that they weren't criminals who could keep up in the modern world. The title outlaw Dutch so vehemently prefers to call himself instead of "criminal" is because back in the early days, they were outlaws, stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. They helped. Dutch raised and cared for so many people along side Hosea. Sure, Dutch is a Narcissist. He LOVES the sound of his own voice. It's just who he is. But that's not what made him evil. His only crime was his Vanity and being incredibly Gullible.

Arthur grows up, Boom, it's 1899.

The time of the old timey "outlaw" has passed. It's done. Hosea accepts it, (but still can't make his mind up.) Same as Arthur, but Dutch? He cannot. He believes that he must put on the biggest show to keep his family, because he sees the gang and everything he does as an old confidence man gig. It's just what he knows.

Micah got with the gang for one purpose, uproot it, and collect the cash by turning in Dutch. He wanted Dutch alone to do this. So he tried to cause much havok.

He set up the o'driscoll meetup, where Colm captured arthur and was gonna be turned in for money.

Notice how the o'driscoll and micah sharing the jail cell? They weren't fighting. But micah shot him and told arthur "i'll tell you why i did that later!" even telling lenny when he asked about it "it's just some business, you worry too much kid" it's sick.

Him shooting that O'driscoll, so Arthur wouldn't find out about his plan for treachery.

Obviously Micah knew about it and planned it.

It's sad seeing Dutch apologize to you and say "Me and micah feel so stupid. We feel like FOOLS!" Not realizing that actually, Micah was fooling dutch at the very same time.

Throughout the camp encounters you can see Micah making vague allusions to his treachery and he gets a sick thrill off of it.

Micah saw Dutch for what he was, a tired old man hopelessly out of step with the changing world.

Micah even told Javier while drunk "I love you guys, you are all dumb an innocent"

Later in chapter 6 after wispering to Javier, he says to arthur "that boy ain't dumb! not dumb at all.." obviously mocking him.

So he appealed to Dutch's desire to be seen as a leader. This made Dutch feel like Micah was looking out for his best interest, when in reality, it was the EXACT opposite. Dutch is simply too gullible to understand this.

Micah, Cleet and Joe have a conversation at the last camp, and just seeing Dutch sitting there, after Micah gets done saying how everything is getting depressing and sad around camp, and he has no idea why, then to go over and say to Dutch: "How ya doin?!" in a chippy voice. While Dutch SADLY responds in the most broken voice "It's all coming together!". Micah says "Glad to hear it!!"

He even calls Arthur a modern day hero, like a cowboy in a little book, then taps Cleet and the three laughs. Obviously picking on Dutch, since he just sits in his corner reading the same book over and over, trying to find a solution to their problem. Conviced it's there somewhere! Micah toys with his mind and convinces him he's got his back! He then tells arthur, lots of fun we had… back in the day.

In this same encounter he tells Karen to go drink some more, and then tells Cleet and joe, we've seen her type before. Most likely from doing the exact same shit to previous gangs. He even says "I'm not the one pouring liquor down her throat!" Arthur says "I ain't so sure about that"

He gets a sick fucking thrill out of the fact he tore the soul out of this Gang, and destroyed all their relationships. Without any of them being any the wiser. It's completely sickning.

Hosea died believing that his BEST FRIEND Dutch was a maniac, or turning Maniac. But no, it was Just Micah fucking with his mind. (I've had my mind fucked with before, it's not a easy thing and you don't realize it's happening until it's done)

Dutch and the gang were actually fairly innocent! They didn't kill hardly.

Look at the gang, and then look at Micah. Micah sticks out like a piece of gritty SCUM. He looks totally out of place. The gang was more innocent than Micah, and it's so shocking to really see this on my second playthrough.

I've only just realized this after playing through the game again and seeing the gang interactions. It turns this game into a WHOLE different level of fucked upness than I realized.

Everybody thought Dutch was a bad guy, when he was just a gullible old man, turned against his sons and without his partner Hosea alive. (Micah's fault too I'm sure) Just remember, Micah's been against the gang since the begining. He only started talking to pinkertons when time presented itself. He still was looking to turn Dutch in from the beginning. There is Dutch's wanted poster at micah's camp even.

Dutch gone down in everybodies memories, as the one who killed and betrayed the gang, but no. It was all one little fucking RAT.

DAMN he is such a well written character, it's almost scary how true to life piece of shit they made Micah.

Apologies for the typing errors. Got this out quick while it was on my mind.

Just saw another Convo where Micah tells Strauss "I shoot a man in the face, i have the decency to do that."

Then when asked "really?"

then Micah says "Sometimes there is nothing better than shooting a feller who thinks you like him, in the back" – another Dig at what he's doing to Dutch.

Micah is also the only character that doesn't sleep. Notice, Micah goes around the campfire and talks shit and makes those sly remarks when he should be sleeping.

On Guarma he also said "This isn't up to what I imagined a tropical paradise" while smiling, as if to rub it in everybodies face about how stupid Dutch is.

Lemme know what you guys think?


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