Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Even if I was overall disappointed with the Blood Money update, the missions it brought are a lot of fun imo

I think that this update didn't bring enough content, specially in the lack of new stuff to buy and, the capitale system was executed badly.

But damn, the missions are a lot of fun. It's been a while since I played RDO, but recently I re-played the Jeb Phelps contract and the Bluewater man contract and I love what they did with these. Each contract has its own cutscenes, backstories, and while they aren't all that impressive, what they did specially with the two I already mentioned is really cool, on top of the missions being way better than the usual stranger missions/free roam bounties. The other missions called "crimes" is more of the same imo. Most missions are fun, and I enjoyed robbing a homestead in the middle of the night without anyone noticing, but these are nothing special/different from other missions in the game.

Then I replayed the first two opportunities and those are way too underrated imo. I get why people were disappointed, we all wanted GTAO style heists but I really enjoyed what they did with these. I played the Covington emerald in hard difficulty, and I decided to stop the train in the middle of the swamps with a wagon, then start from the back of the train silently taking out all the policemen until I got to the emerald, and I silently rode away with my horse without anyone noticing. With the ruby one I also tried the stealth approach, but just as I was getting away I got caught and I had to quickly escape while fighting all of the enemies. These missions aren't as great as the can be due to the whole capitale system (which I would be okay if the payouts are actually decent for the amount of capitale put into) and an AI that often is infuriating when trying to do a stealth approach, but I really liked how they tried to put different elements that would change the way you'll rob the jewel, so that every time you play these opportunities it won't be exactly the same as last time, which is a problem I have with most missions.

On a kind of related note, I want GTAO style heists as much as everyone, but if you don't enjoy these blood money missions then I don't think you'll enjoy heists in RDO if they're ever implemented, doesn't matter how great they do it. Hear me out. I've been getting into GTAO lately and decided to do the Diamond casino heist, and I was kind of excited since everyone here talks about how much RDO needs heists like in GTA online, and I've heard particularly great things about this heist because there were 3 different approaches, and you could even chose the entry and exit point and a few other small things that ultimately add to the experience. And yeah, all of that it's pretty great, but I was kinda bummed out when 90% of the time in this heist i'll spend it doing these boring and repetitive setup missions, which often had me driving more than doing anything fun, and the moment something was happening the painful aim-bot of the AI made it more frustrating than anything (it can be quite easy if you have some powerful vehicles, but they are way too expensive, they break the immersion and it's not so fun to stand still and press two buttons what will make the whole work for you). The point being, with these heists you'll spend most of the time doing missions that people here would call "recycled stranger missions" and the only interesting part of the heist is the finale, and while it does pay off because it's pretty damn cool and rewarding, the setup missions aren't anything incredible.

But still, it's same way I was disappointed with the BH update. Yes, it's fun, the new missions are cool blabla, but imo R* is really dropping the ball specially when it comes to having new stuff to buy. With all its flaws, that at least something that GTAO has nailed, while LS tuners brought similar amounts of content as Blood Money, GTAO at least got a total of 17 new cars valued over 1$ million, new customization for your cars, a new business (that's a copy-paste of an already existing business and location, but still) that you can customize how you want. RDO needs more stuff like that, a lot of new stuff to buy, properties that you can customize, more horses, weapons, clothes, wagons, etc, because even if it isn't anything incredible, it adds a lot to the experience.


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