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Finally got Horseman 9 as Arthur! This is what helped.

Took forever! I must’ve retried this challenge about 20 times over the course of a week, the Horseman 9 challenge is the Van Horn to Blackwater in under 17 mins without touching large bodies of water. Doing this as Arthur is possible from Chapter 2 and a lot of early completionists like to get these things done asap.

The stipulations are as follows:

  • Start from the saloon or post office in Van Horn (I started from post office)

  • Any random encounter will void the challenge, even if you don’t accept the horse race or if you blow past an ambush, it will still void it, just reload and start again.

  • RAIN AND PUDDLES DO NOT VOID THE CHALLENGE (i got mixed answers but i completed with a lightning storm, blazing through muddy puddles the whole way)

  • Falling off your horse or getting bucked off WILL void the challenge

  • Eating food while on your horse apparently voids the challenge, stims and health tonics are fine thank god, I’m not sure why this is.

What helped me:

  • I created a separate save to reload if and when i failed. Even with all of the help, its going to be nerve-racking. Those bounty hunters LIGHT YOU TF UP lol its surprising how much honestly.

  • The route is pretty universal and you can find it on google in seconds.

  • Before i rode out (off my horse) i ate food to give gold cores as well as the horse care package from the stable. Which is the White Arabian (most race horses can easily complete this challenge).

  • Right as i hit the outskirts of Van Horn, riding out, i hit my horse with a potent stim (get as many as you can, buy or craft, these are the best IMO for this challenge), then kept hitting her with one every time it wore off.

  • The first 3/4 of the route is literally smooth sailing, the real work comes when you get to the border. It will take a few tries to get a feel for which route you are comfortable with, technically you could just follow the road the whole way, but it can get difficult keeping track of your health, it’ll drop in a split second and before you know it, you have to reload. I suggest taking a left at the curve (after you take that right right by the river, theres a route to go straight across the river, and a road that veers right along the water front, take that right), go through the forest clearing until you see an open hill, that will get you easily to the last leg.

  • As soon as you hit that border, take your tonic and ride through that “windy part,” just blow through it, you don’t have to take the road, but right after you will encounter your first group, be ready. Keep an eye on your horses stamina and health too, don’t be shy with the tonics and stims! Seriously i thought i was being “liberal” with them but turns out i wasn’t using anywhere near enough lol!

  • Don’t worry about dumping into the cops, just dump into your speed and go, and spam those tonics.

  • WATCH OUT FOR COUGARS! Keep one pistol wielded as well once you hit the border, just in case. I was literally 30 seconds out with no bounty hunters, i didn’t think a fking cougar would lead to my demise lmao. Bucked me right off my horse. Needless to say a big middle finger and thumb to you Rockstar (still love you though). Seriously keep one pistol out at all times, I’ve never been screwed so many times being so close to something in my life (pun intended, mommy didn’t love me).

Now even with all of this stuff, there still is an element of “luck” you will need to complete this, you’ll need patience and be ready to get screwed over a few times. Even with absolute preparation, it is an absolute shit show!

Also there is one last issue that I don’t hear many people talk about. After you complete the challenge, how tf do we gtfoutta dodge?? Especially when more than likely you’ll have a posse on your heined ass, this isn’t really an issue if you don’t have a lot of money, but i have close to 9000$ and i would rather not pay 150$ to complete a challenge if i don’t have to.

-You have one chance to do this. As I’m sure you will not be reloading to keep 75$ to 150$ after everything you’ll be going through just to complete this challenge. Once you get to Blackwater (the main road in), there is another main road that turns left, take that road and book it, follow it all the way to the river and cross, shouldn’t be as hard, depending on how close that posse is. Spam your tonics if you need to, just gtfoutta there! Don’t hesitate, you’ll lose, just take that left and follow the road to the river, i hope this helps you keep your duckets for future capons!

I hope this helps you as it helped me. Remember, theres no fail safe for this challenge, especially as Arthur. I personally think they should’ve programmed this as an achievement or trophy on console or even a “secret” perk/trinket or something along those lines. This is no small feat to complete as Arthur. If you’ve done it, pat yourself on the back and hug yourself preferably crying, in the fetal position like i did.


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