Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

For all you outift enthusiasts out there I found out how to wear 5 talismans!

If you want to wear 5 talisman you have to sacrifice either wearing gloves, your coat or your bandolier.

If you have special or ultimate edition you can wear the Eagle Eye Talisman but only if you have either of those two copies.

This is the most detailed description on how to do it with knowledge from me doing this glitch for months. Read it and do it carefully and you should get the jist of it, its pretty easy and makes the most dapper outfits in the game.

1- Delete all your outfits.

2- Choose either lets say Legend of The East Outfit or your best outfit that's your favourite and equip it and then change it to your favourite hat and take off things so if you want 5 talisman like in the video you can only have 2 extra thing because certain parts of outfits act like they are talismans so if you put lets say aligator tooth talisman on it will remove your gloves, boar tusk talisman will remove any neckwear, and equipping a coat after equilling the raven claw talisman with unequip the talisman, so it seems the way the gane was written that things are equipped in an order. Look at step 8 and choose whether you want 1 extra thing on your outfit like gloves, coat or bandolier.

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3- Put two Talismans on that outfit and save it straight away, and then remove them and put the next two talismans below them in the list on.

(for some reason it works if you choose the top 2 talisman first, the the ones below, not the other way round)

4- Then remove those two talisman on and put the last 2 talisman on or if you only own 5 put the last 1 talisman on and save it. Now you should have 3 outfits, all with the same hat, but 2 different talisman everytime. Make sure all 3 are on your horse.

5- Leave the building, run to your horse and either do it standing next to the horse or sitting on the saddle. Use your wheel and go to take your hat off.

6- Once you've taken your hat off, switch to Custom Outfit 2.

7- At this point you are wearing 4 talisman. GO AND SAVE this outfit to your horse inside. It should be called Custom Outfit 4.

8- To get the 5th talisman on, you need to either choose whether you want to wear a coat with no gloves or bandolier, or vice versa, so gloves and no coat or bandolier, or bandolier with no gloves or coat.

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9- Take your hat off again, and switch back to your 3rd outift that had the last 2 talisman. It should switch over fine and your looking at an outift that has Boar Tusk, Raven Claw, Bear Claw, Bison Horn and either Eagle Eye or Alligator Tooth, talismans. Go save.

Note that if you want to wear the alligator tooth talisman any gloves will be removed when switching outfits as thats the way the games coded. If you have a coat and bondolier on, and want 5 talisman you CAN do this but you need to unequipt your bandolier, soft mod 5 talisman on, and then go and put on a bandolier, otherwise, the coat will remove the Raven Claw Talisman.

I will make a video on how to do this, as there isn't a single one on youtube apart from 1 in spanish but he's only managed to get 4 talisman on, so watch this space because ill put a link to the video and it will be much easier to understand.


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