Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Guide: Kickstarting Arthur Morgan (for experienced players)

As soon as CHAPTER 2 opens up the world:

  1. Holster: Kill and skin 3 deers to complete the first hunter's challenge and get your first off-hand holster from the Trapper for instant dual carry, long before you can get it from Micah. Alternatively, pick 6 Yarrow to complete the first Herbalist challenge and get the Herbalist off-hand holster.

  1. Horse: Visit St. Denis and look for the robbery encounter where a couple gets mugged in the streets. Nearby is a black Arabian that can be stolen, so you won't need to wait until chapter 4 to buy it or to break the white one spawning at Lake Isabella. The black one has better stats anyway so it's undoubtedly the best five bucks you'll ever spend on a horse theft bounty. Additionally, there's a wild Missouri Fox Trotter in the third mission you can do for Albert Mason, the photographer. If you track this horse before entering the final cut scene with Mason, it will not despawn and you will still be tracking it afterwards and are able to catch and break it.

  1. Weapons: Raid the back rooms of the Doctor in Valentine (Schofield Revolver, you can also pick up a second pristine Cattleman here) and the Gunsmith in Rhodes (Lancaster Repeater). Raid Chez Porter (with Javier or alone) for a free Pump Action Shotgun, the basement of Watson's Cabin for a Semi-Automatic shotgun and Lonnie's Shack (with Sean or alone) for a Double Action Revolver. Get the Broken Pirate Sword (acts as a unique machete) from the small boat wreck on the large island south of the train bridge leading into St. Denis and the Rusted Double Hatchet from the tree stump in the north part of Annesburg. Also, get the gunslinger quest from the small Saloon in Valentine and hit up Billy Midnight for his unique golden Mauser pistol. Additionally, the Bolt Action Rifle can be obtained from Sheriff Malloy in Valentine during the first random hanging event and in the mission where you rescue Sean, there's a Machete you can loot if you manage to shoot the guy attacking Charles at the top of the cliff.
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  1. Moneh: Get the gold bar (= $500) from the burned down Sheriff's office in Limpany. Climb and jump into the crashed train wreck beneath the bridge west of Cotorra Springs for two more gold bars (= $1000). Solve the statue riddle north of the Mysterious Hill House (aka the Hobbit's den) for three more gold bars (= $1500). Now you've already got a nice $3000 budget for all your shopping needs but if you're really greedy, travel far northwest of Lake Owanjila and find the obelisk which contains the first "Landmarks or the Riches" treasure map. Following that path to the end nets another six (!) gold bars, leaving you with a new grand total of $6000 and rich enough to buy… well, maybe not Tahiti but at least Guarma. Just remember before you throw all these gold bars at your local fence that it's not advisable to carry around large sums of cash (which can be lost upon death or due to theft) while a solid gold reserve persists within your satchel, safe from thieves, murderers and lawmen all the way into the epilogue.

On a related note, keep in mind that solving multi-staged treasure hunts is probably the easiest way to quickly finish all 10 levels of a deadeye-related challenge, giving you an extra deadeye tank on completion raising your possible maximum from 8 to 9.

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  1. Storage Space: As soon as you can, make it a priority to complete the pelt hunting for all of Pearson's satchels. The final upgrade (Legend of the East Satchel) will give you a carrying capacity of a cool 99 for most items, valuables and ingredients so you can loot, pillage and plunder for extended periods of time without ever worrying about leaving anything valuable behind and will always be well-stocked by default. So even if you're not into pelt hunting at all, the satchel upgrades you should really do.

  1. Fishing: Last but not least, you cannot complete the Survivalist challenges before playing the fishing mission with Jack, but if you want to, you can steal a fishing rod from random NPCs and go fishing well before that.

Now you should be all set up to really start playing. 😀


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