Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Hot take: the current state of Red Dead Online after 2 years is much better than GTA Online after its first 2 years

Despite the fact that RDO doesn’t get near as many updates as GTA Online, in my opinion it currently has just as much if not more content than GTA Online in its first 2 years, if we just compare the amount of things we could do in free roam in both games, you’ll realize that GTA Online sure gave you the option to rob stores and stuff like that, but besides that there was nothing else to do in free roam except interacting with other players, in RDO’s current state I feel wherever I go there’s always something in my way when I’m just traveling with my horse, whether it’s coming across a legendary animal, or a moonshine mission, or an enemy hideout, or a bounty (both player bounties and NPC bounties), or whatever else I forgot to mention, let’s not forget about all the other businesses you currently have such as Trader and Moonshiner… how many businesses could you run in the first 2 years of GTA Online? None.

Yes, GTA Online had 5 Heists in its first 2 years, but in my opinion there’s enough content in RDO currently to make the difference unrecognizable, now I’m not saying RDO doesn’t need more content, because to this day I still feel like RDO hasn’t reached the state where it has more content than SP, on the other hand GTA Online has reached that state a while ago, I’m just saying that it’s not fair to compare RDO to GTAO currently, GTAO received nothing but reskinned cars and helicopters and some heists (which honestly get extremely repetitive when you finish them once or twice) in its first 2 years.

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I feel like Rockstar’s business model involves getting as many people as they possibly can on their game before they justify working on bigger and costlier updates, which is weird because how else would you get more players on your game if you’re not adding meaningful updates? But it kinda makes sense in its own way, because why would I as a developer and a business spend a ton of time, effort and money on a huge update when not too many people have access to the game? If it was up to me I’d pretty much do the exact same thing they’re doing, which involves releasing smaller updates until there are enough people who have access to the game to justify me spending a ton of money on a larger update.

Been a while since I wrote a big controversial post like this one, but I’m interested in hearing what you think of the current state of RDO and how it can be improved.


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