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How much would it have cost the Van Der Linde gang to escape to Tahiti?

Hey there everyone! I got sort of bored over the course of quarantine so I decided to try and do the math for how much money it would actually have taken for the Van Der Linde Gang to go to Tahiti. I used modern-day equivalents of each thing and then converted that into the amount it would have been worth in 1899.

So, Here’s my take on how much it would have cost them:

From New Orleans (We’ll call that Saint Denis) to Tahiti one would need to go either around Cuba or between Mexico and Cuba and since it’s a shorter distance we’ll say they went between Mexico and Cuba. The distance from New Orleans to Tahiti, according to my route and calculations is ROUGHLY 13,940 miles. I’m going to guess, based on how much Arthur’s hair grew from the time you leave Guarma to when you get back to the mainland that it was roughly a week’s worth of time and that journey was probably about 650 miles. Based on those numbers I calculate it would take about 21 and a half weeks to reach Tahiti. I then looked up the prices for a yacht which is, most likely, the size boat the gang would need to transport that many people almost 14,000 miles. With the cheapest Yacht I could find for charter it was 57,000 dollars per week. So the price for 21 and a half weeks would be somewhere around 1,225,500 dollars in modern money. Converted back to 1899 value, that is about 39,456 dollars. Since my calculations could be wrong I’ll bump this up to 40,500 dollars just in case.

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Once they got to Tahiti they would need to buy some land, probably around 5,000 dollars due to this being a relatively undiscovered and uninhabited island, and build some sort of house and probably some fields. I would guess all of the upgrades to the land would most likely be somewhere in the range of 1,000-2,000 dollars but just to be safe I’ll say it would be, give or take, 3,500 dollars. I’d also bet that the gang would take about 2,000 dollars worth of food with them to get them to the island and then to give them a little bit of a start in Tahiti itself.

So, with the three of the most expensive things out of the way, could the gang have afforded this? Probably. If you go back for the money in the last mission, you find the gang has 42,500 dollars. The issue here is that the gang had just done the train heist and, as far as I’m aware, the gang as a whole took all of it and it wasn’t split between members. We can assume that the gang most likely took about 10-15 thousand from that score, for the sake of this post I’m going to meet in the middle and say they got 12,500 from the train job, so, if you subtract that from the amount you’re left with 30,000. If you did every treasure hunt as Arthur (Poisonous trail=1,500, Landmarks of riches=3,000, Jack Hall Gang=1,000, Les Des Mortes=3,000, Strange Statues=1,500, Limpany= 500 and a few others I’m sure I’m blanking on even after looking it up haha) you’d have plus all the money you got from the story I believe you’d be left with roughly 14,000-15,000 dollars and, since Arthur’s death is on the horizon and if the gang was still together and family he’d most likely leave it with the gang to help them live happily ever after. All you need is an extra 5-6 thousand dollars which could most likely be done in a small-town bank robbery if need be. Overall, I think it was absolutely within reach if not locked in by the time you got to the midpoint of Chapter 6.

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Chartering the boat: 40,500 dollars

Buying the land + upgrades to said land: 8,500 dollars

Food: 2,000 dollars

Grand Total: 51,000 dollars

Links to the distances:

Guarma to Saint Denis

Part 1, around the America’s

Part 2, onto Tahiti

Anyways, this was my write up on how much I think it would’ve cost to successfully escape to Tahiti with the whole gang.


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