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How to get Pearson’s Scout Jacket

Pearson's Scout Jacket is arguably one of the hardest missions to trigger in the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 2. I mean, you literally have to have certain things right, and still, you will need to attempt to trigger this mission many times. Don't fret, because I just did it last night after reviewing many guides and I think I got it down.

Summary of the mission trigger:

This mission comes in the form of a "retrieve this item for X and return it to them at camp." Pearson is going to ask you to hunt him a squirrel so he can cook his special rabbit soup for you because "You're looking peaky." That's the key there that a lot of folks miss…you actually need to be looking peaky lol. So you're going to have to bring arthur's health allll the way down boaah.

To get this mission to trigger, Pearson will be standing at a side table near the wagon, DRINKING A BEER. If he is not drinking a beer, this mission won't trigger. If he is drinking a beer, a "greet only" interaction icon will appear. This will trigger the mission.

Necessary Story Requirements:

So far, folks have only been able to get this mission to trigger in Chap. 2 at Horseshoe Overlook, despite Rockstar's guide claiming it can be triggered up to Chap. 4 (Gamers are still trying to so wish them luck).

Arthur Requirements:

Health core needs to be RED. Literally, jump off the side of one of the cliffs at Horseshoe Overlook to accomplish this. Do not eat or take any health items, literally just deplete that core! {EDIT: folks have said it doesn't}

Camp Requirement/Discussion:

Some have said that if you upgrade the camp completely that it's tougher to get this mission to trigger. I'm not sure if this is true, but I didn't fully upgrade the camp when I did this.


It seems this mission triggers at 10AM. Create a save game at 9:45am. Keep reloading and/or riding your house out of camp until you see Pearson drinking that BEER!


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