Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

How would people feel about new role saddles that actually affected roles?

I just came across one of those NPCs that have unique saddles and had a thought.

Obviously R* is never going to do this, but how would people feel overall about unique saddles that directly affected gameplay beyond simple saddle stats? For example:

Being able to equip the saddle the gold panners/prospectors in story mode can be seen with as a Collector saddle; Those saddles that have gold pans hanging from them, pickaxes, ropes, shovels, etc. taking up the back end storage space. Its perk would be x2 better chances of getting the rarer collectibles from dig sites at the expense of not being able to let posse members ride behind you and not being able to store any pelts, kills, or bounties on the back of your horse from the equipment taking up space. It could also have a metal detector hanging off of it that passively went off without having to ride around with it out.

The trader saddle could be the unique hunter npc saddle that you can find around Tall Trees in storymode sometimes. It has different hunting supplies hanging off of it and usually multiple kinds of game, usually 4 small/medium carcasses stored on the sides instead of only 2 and sometimes they even have 2 big game on the back. It could allow you to carry 4 medium animals and 2 large animals/pelts, once again with the caveat of not being able to store bounties or let people ride along, maybe a passive debuff as well that makes Harriet refuse business with you while you're using it so you can't do the Naturalist role using a trader saddle.

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Naturalist, speaking of which, could use the same saddle the story mode npc has that you'll occasionally find collecting wildflowers. It'd have big bags of flowers and herbs packed onto it, making it so you can't store any kinds of pelts/bodies on your horse, but giving the random chance for x2 samples being taken from any given animal (including legendaries) + giving a passive buff to plants collected, allowing you to gather 2 of any plant (EXCLUDING collectible plants). This would function similar to the Gus trinket that lets you gather x2 herbs, but extending to herbs that trinket doesn't affect (i.e yarrow, vanilla flower, etc).

Bounty hunter saddle could probably give a buff to your Reinforced Lasso (or more expensive bolas) that makes it impossible for the bounty to break out. Essentially functioning like a single-person bounty wagon, to make things less obnoxious while you wait for the bounty timer when only going after one target. Not sure what it would look like though as I can't think of good unique npc/story mode saddles that would fit with it.

Not sure what a Moonshiner saddle could do unfortunately. Could possibly increase the chances of coming across random revenue agent or bootlegger/moonshine still encounters while you're exploring the world?

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If anyone else has anything to add go for it, this was just a random thought I had while doing some collecting lol. Feel free to suggest it to R* directly even though their suggestions section of the site has a garbage character limit and probably never gets looked at.


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