Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

It definitely pays to be nice.

I'm on my first playthrough and I'm in Chapter 2 – probably nearing the end of the chapter! based on the lack of yellow missions available.

I'm trying to play on the honorable side of things. I say "trying" because, to me, looting an innocent that I accidentally killed out in the middle of nowhere isn't off the table (even though it's a tick towards the "dishonorable" side). So my "honor meter" (or whatever it's called – is there a way to check that from time to time?) has been hanging just towards the good side of the meter. Plus, I enjoy a discount at the stable in Valentine due to my honor level.

I had a random encounter in which a guy had been bitten by a snake. I gave him a tonic (don't remember which one) that cured him. He was understandably very grateful for saving him.

After that encounter I played maybe 16 hours. In much of the first few hours I kept running across wildlife that required a rifle or scoped rifle to take down cleanly for a perfect pelt/carcass. But the problem was that all that I had was a a repeater rifle and a double-barreled shotgun (and my revolver and sawed-off sidearm, of course). I was seriously low on cash.

I did some Googl8ng and came across a link posted on another RDR2 reddit sub (why are there so many??) that has a link to a map that shows respawning locations that have loot that is worth a significant amount of money – including gold bars worth $500.

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So, with the goal in mind of getting enough money to buy a rifle to get perfect pelts (Oh, and to pay off the $280 bounty I incurred for breaking Micah out of jail in Strawberry), I spent some time going through those mapped loot points and ended up getting just under $2k.

I upgraded the Camp quite a bit with my "hard-earned" cash, and with about $300 in my pocket, I rode into Valentine to buy me a rifle so I could start bringing in perfect pelts of larger wildlife.

So I ride up to the gunsmith shop and, lo and behold, who should be sitting outside of the gunsmith shop but the guy that I saved from the snake bite. He was singing my praises to his buddy sitting next to him, telling him that I saved his life. He was so grateful that he said that I could could put on his tab any one item in the gunsmith shop that I chose.

I'm like, "Holy crap. Am I going to get a free rifle after spending so much time searching for loot??"

Sure enough, I went into the shop, mentioned to the shop owner the guy outside and the proprietor said that his credit's good and I could pick one item on his tab.

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So I purchased me a shiny new Springfield rifle (for free), with plenty of functional and cosmetic upgrades that made it *my rifle.

So, yeah, playing nice in this game can apparently pay off – judging from that one experience. Really, that's my nature and how I will always play these games – even when there is the option – and game mechanics – to play as a "bad guy" too.

But I'm wondering if there is a flipside to that – in RDR2, at least – in which you might earn similar rewards for playing the dishonorable/bad guy.


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