Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

I’ve decided to novelize RDR2

So basically, I have a teacher who loves fictional stories and protagonists who redeem themselves. I'm pretty sure they won't play the game, so I decided to novelize the story of Red Dead Redemption II for them. I've made a little progress and I thought I'd share a sneak peek of what I have so far. This is the opening scene, right after the intro and before the start of Chapter 1. Thoughts?

The whistle of wind pierced the cold night. Snow blew through the air, making the mountains look covered by a thick and icy cloud. A single breath looked like smoke that quickly disappeared in the bitter darkness. The horses bayed as they trudged through the snow, dragging heavy wagons behind them. Their tracks were quickly covered by the frigid breeze. Everyone was huddled in the wagons, ill prepared for the weather. They left in a hurry, not enough time to prepare for a blizzard.

Through the frostbite and chattering teeth, murmurs of pain could be heard. Davey clenched his stomach, his fingers warmed by his seeping blood. Tilly and Abigail were with him, tending to his wounds. However, they knew it was pointless, Davey wasn’t going to make it. As they tumbled down the frozen trail, Reverend Swanson climbed out of the wagon and stomped through the snow towards the front.

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“Abigail says he’s dying, Dutch. We’ll have to stop some place.” He quivered, sending a chill down his throat.

“Okay. Arthur’s out looking…” Dutch replied. “…I sent him up ahead.”

Swanson groaned and gave a shuddering nod. He crossed his arms before returning to the wagon, Dutch’s gaze followed him. While his hands shivered, Dutch clutched the reins and led the caravan. Beside him, Hosea trembled beneath his coat.

“If we don’t stop soon, we’ll all be dying.” He muttered. “This weather….it’s May……I’m just hoping the law got as lost as we did.”

Hosea lifted his head slightly and pointed forward as his eyes discerned a shadowy figure.

“There…” Dutch followed Hosea’s glance.

A cloudy shape approached them. It was revealed to be a man mounted on a horse, dressed in a thick blue coat and a black leather hat . Dutch recognized his gunslinging apprentice.

“Arthur! Any luck?” He shouted through the winter breeze.

Arthur came to a stop and raised his head, holding the brim of his hat.

“I found a place where we can get some shelter.” He called, collecting snowflakes in his eyelashes. “Let Davey rest while he… know.” Arthur paused. “An old mining town, abandoned, it ain’t far.” He finished and turned his horse around.

“Come on!” Dutch hollered as Arthur took the lead.

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