Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Lawman Role Concept.

There wasn’t enough room in the R* feedback box for this, but I needed to write this out and get it outta my system.

We need a Lawman role, it’d be a perfect counter for the surge in criminal activity and give meaning to the honor system.

It’d have its own cutscene-filled storyline similar to the Moonshiner, but with diverging paths based on choices you make like in LeClerk’s story missions. These ideally would be done solo so you don’t have that stupid vote that affects your honor.

You’d meet up with Tom Davies, and if you pass the honor check he’ll offer to make you a marshal’s deputy for xx gold bars. You’ll get a badge that you can visibly wear on your character, on your jacket, vest or shirt. Cuffs will be a new tool of the trade, as well as a stagecoach for prisoner transport missions. For big stings with multiple targets you can just do the bounty wagon.

20-30 ranks depending, with rewards like more badge variants, a navy revolver skin, role-specific outfits, reduced law attention for minor infractions(like horse theft or simple assault), and maybe even the ability to call in a lawman posse on high hostility players(like merryweather on GTA but with high hostility required.)

Umm….something something plot criminal conspiracy Tom Davies needs your help, yeah so you’ll be patrolling the states and resolving free-roam “incidents” as they occur( Stopping crimes, saving people and what not. They’d be random dynamic events like usual, but more frequent to make things interesting.)

You’ll have the main story plot, where you can be the good guy or a dirty cop with a questionable moral compass. Maybe they can introduce that pinkerton guy as the dirty cop example. Then you have the basic go-here-and-do-this missions. For criminal apprehensions, targets must be arrested with cuffs(which will be way faster than lassoes and also include takedowns) and brought in alive, if they are killed you’ll fail. You’ll also have witness protection missions and investigation missions that require you to actually solve clues/riddles as opposed to oh look at that gold sparkle!

For free roam events, I had a few ideas.

Missions like the story one in valentine where it’s like survival, protecting a town from bandits until reinforcements arrive or something, cooperative investigations, and even cops & robbers stuff where we have to stop robberies.

(Cops & Robbers should be a showdown mode tbh)

There’d be a merit system where your achievements are racked up, stars or whatever, and when you reach the requisite amount of points you’ll get access to big multi-stage 4 player co-op sting operations with multiple high priority targets, clues to find, things to solve and of course big payouts. The same applies, targets must be arrested and brought in alive. If your honor’s in the toilet you’ll be barred from participating until you get right with god or whatever.

PvP stuff would follow a similar format to bounty hunting. Players can be arrested and cuffed(You can escape with the same effort it takes to escape a reinforced lasso.) and turned into jail for merit. Same penalties apply as when a bounty is brought in.

That’s all I have so far. Any feedback would really be appreciated. I want the Devs to see this too, hopefully they check this sub.


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