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Micah Bell Psychopath Test

Micah may be a bad guy but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a psychopath. However, by my estimation, he absolutely is a psychopath. There are 20 traits that are widely regarded as being psychopathic. If someone definitely has these traits, they receive a score of two, if they possibly have these traits, they score 1 and if they very likely don’t have them they score 0. A score above 30 indicates a psychopathic personality. Let’s see what Micah scored.

Just so everyone knows, I am not a trained professional, this is just a bit of fun on my part.

. Glib and superficial charm: 2 (I think most of the time he simply chooses not to use charm but I think he is certainly capable of it. Is able to essential flatter Dutch to the point of becoming his right hand man despite only being with the gang for a few months)

. Grandiose self-worth: 2 (Sees himself as a God’s gift to the gang. When he puts money into the pot for the first time in his life he insists everyone come and “thank your uncle Micah”)

. Need for stimulation: 2 (Can’t go two minutes without starting a fight in the camp)

. Pathological lying: 2 (Is perfectly willing to play the part of the loyalist trying to hunt down the gang’s traitor when the traitor is none other than himself)

. Cunning/Manipulative: 2 (Is able to manipulate Dutch like it’s no one’s business, using his fear of treachery to add to his paranoia and reliance on him)

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. Lack of guilt/remorse: 2 (“I’m a survivor Black Lung. A survivor.”)

. Shallow affect: 2 (Doesn’t really seem to feel any real emotion except a general smug disdain. Never really seems genuinely happy or sad. Even when he gets angry, it seems flippant)

. Callous/Lack of empathy: 2 (Goes without saying. Has no pity for what he views as others weaknesses. Arthur’s sickness, Charles, Javier, and Lenny’s ethnicities, Bill’s stupidity, Susan, Uncle and Hosea’s ages, Karen’s alcoholism, Swanson’s drug addiction, Dutch’s mental problems. Micah actively laughs at people’s vulnerabilities to their faces)

. Parasitic Lifestyle: 2 (If you really look back at the game, you realise that, until chapter 6, Micah doesn’t really do much at all and doesn’t appear in that many missions. He does virtually nothing to help with Gray/Braithwaite scam until the mission where Sean gets killed. He also doesn’t come to save Jack or to kill Bronte despite the fact that he clearly has skills the gang could benefit from. Despite this, he still leeches off the gang, eating their food and drinking their booze)

. Poor behavioural controls: 2 (Massacres the town of Strawberry just for the sake of getting his guns even though, if he had waited for a better time, he could’ve done so more easily)

. Promiscuity: 2 (Doesn’t seem to have much luck with the ladies but certainly tries to relentlessly. May have had sex with or raped Jenny)

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. Early behavioural problems: 2 (Strung up two people from rafters with his father when he was just a teenager)

. Lack of realistic long term goals: 2 (Even once he gets the Blackwater money, he doesn’t seem to use it for anything constructive as it’s virtually unspent by the time John finds it. He had the opportunity to do virtually anything with his life but didn’t seem to have any interest other than being a outlaw)

. Impulsivity: 2 (As mentioned, the Strawberry incident. Wants to have a meeting with Colm O’Driscoll seemingly just to see what happens despite the obvious danger he’s putting himself and others in. Stupidly brings Sean and Arthur with him to meet the Grays even though the two of them have already done work for the Braithwaites. Like Dutch, he often seems blindly optimistic that things will always go his way.

. Irresponsibility: 1 (Not sure about this one to be honest)

. Failure to take responsibility for actions: 2 (As mentioned, he justifies his actions by claiming he is just surviving. When Arthur blames him for Sean’s death, he turns to his criticism back at him, saying “all he does is complain.” He justifies his recklessness to Dutch by saying that he is a man of passion and that he “cares too much”

. Many short-term marital relationships: 0 (I don’t know. But probably not)

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. Juvenile delinquency: 2 (Was an outlaw from a young age, though his upbringing obviously played a large part in this)

. Revocation of conditional release: 2 (Is presumedly released from custody by the Pinkertons on the condition of helping them to take down Dutch. Despite this, he still plays both sides, continuing to provoke Dutch into more and more destructive actions for the sake of getting the money)

. Criminal versatility: 2 (Is a robber, murderer, child-killer, rapist and likely a multitude of other things. He has no loyalty to or aversion to any particular type of crime. If it benefits him or it gives him pleasure, he’ll do it)

Micah Bell’s score: 37


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