Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

My Inner Horse Girl Is Angry.

As someone who primarily plays RDO for the horses, it makes me REASONABLY angry that this game has so much horse-centric potential it doesn’t capitalize on. I grew up with horses, my grandparents owned a ranch, and I had a Tennessee Walker of my own, so naturally, being able to ride and interact with horses in a game is a big point of interest for me. I know at this point it’s like yelling into a mirror, because most people have talked about things they’d like to see in the game at this point, but I’m just gonna list some of my grievances and suggestions as a former real-life “cowgirl.” Skip to the bottom for a TL;DR because this is gonna be long, sorry in advance.

A.) More horse slots: I know this is one that’s been mentioned a lot, and that’s because it’s one of the things people want the most. And it should be. There are 20+ breeds of horse in the game, and only 10 slots. You can’t even own one of each. It’s not like increasing the slots to match the number of horses would even put any strain on the game, either. You can only view one horse at a time, so they’re not all being rendered at once, like the garages in GTA. And if they can own 300 cars, why can’t we have one of each horse? Hell, I’d gladly pay a $10+ stable fee a day, it’s not like I have anything to spend all this money on anyways at this point. I’d even pay gold to unlock additional stable slots.

B.) More horses (and other equines): This goes without saying, though I’ll elaborate a little. There needs to be a few more breeds to round things out. For instance, why is there only one Superior handling breed? There should be another two to bring it up to three, like the Riding, War, Draft, Race, and Work breeds. Only having the Arabian sucks for many reasons, the biggest of which being that they’re ridiculously small. I think adding Quarter horses would be an excellent addition for Superior handling, as they’re used in all kinds of Western sports like Barrel racing and wrangling, which requires them to turn on a dime and be super reactive to commands. Plus they’re beautiful.

Also, just give us own-able donkeys and mules already, ffs!! Mules are like living all-terrain vehicles and intensely loyal, they’d be an excellent addition. (Side note, why are the mules so small in this game?? Have the developers ever seen a mule?)

C.) More saddles and mane/tail options: I’ll start with the manes and tails, as this one’s pretty simple. A horse’s natural mane and tail color should be available in all styles offered in the game (minus the pass styles, since those come out incrementally.) Nothing angers me more than getting a horse with a beautiful mane color but hating the default style it’s in, and not being able to get that exact color in other styles. Next, solid white mane and tails. There’s no reason solid white shouldn’t be available. The silvery-white color doesn’t cut it, and neither do the white+whatever styles.

Mane and tail accessories would also be simple and nice. Flowers and ribbons for Naturalist, beads and coins for Collector, feathers and tassels for trader, fun trinkets like corks or small mason jars for Moonshiner, and blinders or something like a unique style for Bouny Hunter (think button or hunter braids.)

More detailed/aesthetic saddles, with stats similar to or equal to the hideous as hell Nacogdoches. Also, the ability to at least color the hooded stirrups would be a godsend, though having other stirrups with equal stats that don’t look like garbage would be nice too.

D.) More horse coat colors: Especially existing ones from Story Mode. They already have the assets, why not port them and make them accessible to Online players? There are some gorgeous horses in the main game, and there’s a lot of potential to add said horses with updates. There’s also a major payout in it for Rock* if they added the unique horses like Buell as coat colors for those existing breeds and charged gold for them. I’d pay gold in an instant for a golden cremello Dutch Warmblood, or the Dappled Black Thoroughbred. I’m sure others would too.

E.) Horse Activities: Let us do more with our horses. Like wash them. Or teach them tricks. Or play with them. Horses DO play. They’re curious and intelligent, and like to mess around. Letting us get a ball or something to put in our camp for our horse to occasionally mess with would be nice. An activity like barrel racing would also be so cool, and would make a neat addition to shake things up from just shootouts or standard races.

TL;DR: More stable slots, horse breeds, own-able donkeys and mules, mane and tail colors/accessories, detailed saddles with better stats and colorable stirrups, and horse activities.


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