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My prediction for the next frontier pursuits role

I have a bold prediction for what I believe is going to be the next frontier pursuits role added to online. R* has confirmed that there will be more content, including new roles, coming in the future, but what roles/content that will be exactly is anyone's guess. However I think I have an idea of what it might be, based off…oddly enough…the Outlaw Pass.

Maybe I am reading into things way too much, but I have noticed that some specific items in previous outlaw passes, that have otherwise seemed a bit out of place in the context of other items within the same outlaw pass, have ended up being related to content that was eventually added to online . To use an example, one of the items included within Outlaw Pass No. 2 (winter/spring of 2020) was the sabre-toothed cat fossil skull mask for horse saddles, which seemed like a very odd addition at the time. However later in August of 2020, we recieved the addition of three new collectible fossil sets for the collector role, which were added alongside the naturalist role. In the same Outlaw Pass No. 2, we also got photographs as decorations for our bar, a new concept, but in the Naturalist Role Update we then got more options for photography with the advanced camera along with R*'s limited-time photography competition for players. R* is one of those game developer companies that loves to drop hints for upcoming DLC within their online games, such as teasing the Cayo Perico Heist DLC with the dead bodies on the beach & construction of the Music Locker at the Diamond Casino. So why am I rambling on about all of this? In Outlaw Pass No. 3 released last August, one of the items included was the Burdall hat, a hat decorated with a bunch of colorful fishing lures. Because of a lack of other fishing-themed items/clothing within the game, this felt like a very out-of-place addition and still does, and my main thought is that this item might have been possibly a tease for an upcoming role. This is why I believe that the next role added to the game or one that will be added very soon will be the fishermen role.

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I wouldn't be saying any of this without reason and I believe that there are reasons why a fishermen/fishing-themed role is next logical addition for online. While it is definitely possible to just go out to a body of water in-game and just start fishing on your own, there isn't much to do other than just bringing caught your fish to sell at the butcher or ocassionally getting invited to participate in fishing free-roam events. However this could change if there was a role, or at the very least an expansion to an already existing role, based off of fishing, which could make fishing a more important part of online. If R* does add a fishing role, I think they would almost certainly add the legendary fish from story mode or at least something very similar. I also believe or at least I would hope that fishing would become more lucrative/profitable in some way: I could imagine either something like the existing trader business that involved harvesting fish or a character/store like Gus where you can sell fish to earn money and craft items. R* has confirmed or at least suggested in an interview that they want to add more player-owned properties into RDR2 online and there have been data-mined files showing plans to add houses, and what better way to allow players to customize these potential houses than to perhaps allow them to display fishing trophies? Because of both player demand and according to most of the leaks, the most likely role to come to the game next at this point is going to be lawman role. However there have also been some leaks suggesting a possible fishing role, and I don't see how it isn't possible for both a lawman and fishing role to come at the same time or at least around the same time, similar to how we got the bounty hunter; the trader; and the collector role all in the same DLC.

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