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My Theory On The RDR2 Map

So as a lot of people have been wondering where the RDR2 map is in real life and why it's like that, I thought up an answer.

To find out the geography, we have to learn the history. We begin in 1763 at the end of the Seven Years War. Great Britain has just beat France in exchange for all of its colonies in North America. But then Great Britain ceded the Louisiana Territory to Spain in exchange for Florida. In RDR2, the Louisiana Territory is called the Lemoyne Territory. However, Roanoke Ridge is not apart of the Lemoyne Territory while all of Lemoyne, West Elizabeth, Ambarino and the rest of New Hanover are. New Austin was already controlled by Spain. Then in 1775 the American War of Independence broke out with the United States of America founded in 1776. All of the original states exist in both real life and RDR2. At the end of the war in 1783, Great Britain ceded the rest of its North American territory south of Canada just like real life. Since Roanoke Ridge was in British hands, it then became American. Sometime in 1790s (I forget the exact date but I think it's 1795) New Hanover was founded but only consisted of Roanoke Ridge. Then in 1800, Spain ceded the Lemoyne Territory to France in exchange for somewhere in Italy. Then France sold it to the US in 1803. Now all of the RDR2 map except for Guarma and New Austin were apart of the US. New Hanover gained The Heartlands and Cumberland forest while Lemoyne became a new state. Eventually West Elizabeth and Ambarino became states too. In 1845 the US annexed Texas and New Austin. Then it fought Mexico and gained California and all that other stuff. In 1861 the American Civil War broke out. Lemoyne was apart of the Confederacy while all the other states were apart of the Union. The war ended in 1865 with no territorial changes. Then eventually it's 1898 in Red Dead Online where we are now.

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Now that we understand the history we can figure out the geography. First of all, only a small part of Ambarino is shown with 3 points backing this up. For starters, Ambarino is a state but there is no settlement for a capital and government. Next Arthur and Hosea confirm that the Northern Grizzlies exist and even mention a town. Finally the US had an Ambarino volunteer core but the Ambarino we see in game has virtually no population so the Northern Grizzlies has a large population and is not mountainous like the southern part of the state. Next we figure out the land across Flat Iron Lake and the Lannahechee River. That's all Texas. Hear me out. I don't know how to insert a map so go find a map of the US on your own. Then go to Texas. Do you see that part that stretches out under New Mexico? That's stretches under Flat Iron Lake in RDR2 and the part that's far east across the Lannahechee River is the north stretching part (I'm not American so sorry I don't know what it's called). Alot of people think the area under Flat Iron Lake is Mexico but it is not. Nuevo Parasio, not in RDR2, is based on Sonora. Sonora is one of the farthest north states in Mexico. Therefore if you keep going east in real life you'll end up in Texas like in RDR2. California likely borders New Austin to the West. The San Luis River is based on the Rio Grande River and likely empites into the Gulf of California. As for other states that border the RDR2 ones, I have no clue. But here's what really confused me, the Lannahechee River. It's based on the Mississippi River which flows through New Orleans, or Saint Denis in RDR2. But Saint Denis is considered a large port city like New Orleans is yet it's not on the ocean. That means that since the Lannahechee doesn't reach the ocean by Saint Denis, it's not the Mississippi right? Wrong. If you look at the RDR2 map, the little choke point at the north of the Lannahechee is unseeable. It has to flow into a fork for it to make sense. The one fork flows far up north like the real Mississippi and stays the Lannahechee. The other fork gets its own name and flows to the ocean. That's how Saint Denis is linked to the ocean the gang got to Guarma. The Lannahechee is never said to go into the ocean and it makes more sense for it to stretch far north. Lenny even says something about something on "this side of the Lannahechee River" implying that it stretches far north.

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Anyways that my theory. Please share your thoughts on it.


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