Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

New role idea, The Brawler

The Brawler would workout just like a basic role, or it could be like the moonshiner, where you have to achieve an specific role level in another role to actually unlock it. It would be based of about this

New Features

  • New melee moves, like Tommy from the story mode and those big dudes we see in the end of moonshiner bootleg bar fights, they would turn out to be exactly like them, maybe adding some new ones, and adding more punch combos that are faster and more difficult to block.

  • Grapple system like how it is on NPC's, you being able to throw punches in other players, or even being able to knee people, you could still choke people by pressing (or holding) the grapple button once again. And how would it work out:

    If the other player Isn't a brawler too, he has to hold an specific button to try to get off of the grapple, where the move would cost him stamina drain constantly and if he's out of stamina he's going to have to wait till the guy who's grappling him run out of stamina or knock him out (for people that might be thinking it'll be too op, it's the same thing with the actual system on online, if you're out of stamina you'll just die in a grapple), you can do all the moves, throwing people away, allowing you to do a free punch, or throwing the player on the ground, where it would make the punches stronger, but cost way more stamina, allowing for the guy on the ground to recover easily if the move is performed in a "dumb" situation. If the player is a brawler too, he'll be able to block the attacks, and each attack blocked will drain the opponents stamina, and he also can come out of it the same way as non brawlers.

  • Adding a way to get "buffed" similar as Charles does in the epilogue, you can get muscle by performing some activities such as gymnastics or brawling (getting muscular is totally exclusive to brawlers), getting muscles will allow you to do more damage in melee and also get less melee damage (melee exclusive since it wouldn't make sense by just for being ripped would make you stop a bullet), and can't forget about if you get muscles your physical profile will change, the changes might change depending on the body type your character is using, and if you don't do exercises for a certain period of time you'll lose the muscles.

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And finally the way of making money, you'll get involved in fights, again, similar to the one Charles gets in the epilogue. You'll participate in a fight club where it would work kinda like a tournament, you'll fight 3 easier opponents and get lil money, and finally a rly strong enemy, that gives you a lot of damage and has a lot of health, grapple doesn't work on him, and his grapples are rly dangerous, and if you win this fight, you could get a fair amount of money (50$ – 100$).


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