Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Playing this game after 2 years of ignorance

I bought this game in 2018, a few weeks after the release. Back then, I honestly find the game mechanic is too slow and complex with tons of buttons to remember. Telling myself this need certain commitment to play. So I stopped entirely after patiently playing for 1hr 30mins. The game end up sit in the library and not touching it ever since. 2 years later, covid19 caused me to stay and work from home. So one day during my free time, I browse through my PS4 library and thinking maybe just give this game another shot. But instead of going into single player, I jump straight into online mode thinking more human players = more immersion. While the environment still relatively new to me (since I only played the story for a short while), I find myself dealing with online bullies (or griefers they say), grinding for money in a pretty much an empty world. The Town is empty, the environment has no sign of life. I find myself bored after trying hard for 22 hours of doing mindless digital chores – hunting is a pain with very little animals, doing fetch quests, looking for treasure etc. The flow basically just make money, doll up my characters, upgrade weapons and repeat. But on the other hand, I did pickup a couple of new tricks in online and get pretty much used with the game mechanic. I decided to give the Story mode another go. And this lead me to entire different realm and perspective. This is probably one of the, if not the best experience I ever had in my 20 years of gaming. The story cannot be more beautiful and poetic, the world is full of life, the meticulous detail of every single elements from town, people, animals to even small conversation between characters blew my mind. The dialogue, voice acting are better than many Hollywood productions. I ended up spending more than 100 hours in Single player. I am late in this game, but better than never. Now I truly understand why everyone said this is a masterpiece.

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