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RDO Should NOT Be Turned Into A Western GTAO (Ideas & Suggestions)

Content of the article: "RDO Should NOT Be Turned Into A Western GTAO (Ideas & Suggestions)"

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

As I say in the title, I RDO shouldn’t just be turned into a Western GTAO.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty scared of what the future holds for RDO (talking exclusively about the Free Roam here).

Since that update that removed a bunch of animations or sped up others that I’ve been not too happy with a lot of things. What annoyed me the most was the changes to the gun play. Everything got faster, from walking while aiming to reload animation/speed, even the shooting and weapon switching. I can understand some of these changes for PvP, but for Free Roam, I still having a lot trouble accepting these.

The removal of said animations kinda took away that “relaxing” feeling of a slow pace game. To me, the removal/sped up of things was completely unnecessary…

Had to say it… Anyway, what a introduction lol I’d like to share with you, some ideas and changes I have in mind for a better RDO (Free Roam) future and avoid the GTAO path into caos:

World/Overall Changes/Misc.

  • Bring back the old animations and slow down currently sped up ones. (Doesn’t have to be all, I get that looting corpses can be quite the tedious task (even though I didn’t mind it one bit). We can maybe still “run” fast while aiming (but slower than it is now) but the gun play needs to go back the way it is in the story. Skinning animations, please bring them full);

  • Be able to Rob, Greet and Antagonise NPC (and/or players) just like in the Story. (having the emotes is great to “communicate” but NPCs react to nothing and it just plain sucks that we are all just mute or robots waving our arms around (we already have grunts/screams, doesn’t seem too hard to have some random NPC voice on your character talking);

  • Be able to order food at bars/saloons;

  • Make day/night longer (with it make stores maybe have schedules. Give players different opportunities during Day/Night from robberies to random encounters);

  • Creation of a Fight Club, special events, tournaments between NPC and Players (with improved fighting with all the shenanigans from the story, grappling, takedowns… etc);

Camp Changes

  • Add camp activities (Chop wood, bring Hay to your horse…);

  • (Male) Be able to trim your beard at camp;

  • (Female) Be able to tie up your characters hair;

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Customisation Changes

  • Addition of Satchels;

  • Selection of how you want your holsters (like Arthur, Dutch, Micah or Hosea) (if you have a secound holster, I personally have one still);

  • Scrap the “hair styles” and “beards” from the Online and have your character actually grow hair and beard over time and then be able to cut it into the current hair and beards in the game (then if you want to keep it clean you have to comeback to the barber or just help yourself in camp);

Horse Changes

  • Being able to choose what kind of cargo you want to carry on your horse, by having different “baskets” and/or boxes on your horse (you see some NPCs carrying unique equipment: be it maps, tools, fruits and vegetables and even animals and pelts);


  • Have a more “permanent” job and make it a source of income rather than have everyone be “everything”;

  • Expand on Fishing (have a boat, carry more than 1 big fish on your horse, ability to have and release “fish traps” and/or nets to pick up later… the list goes on and on);

  • Sheriff/Law, Bandit, Farmer (…);

  • Be a wanderer and just roam around and live of what you find from nature;

These are just a few but there’s a lot more ideas that I’m sure I missed! A lot of things that one can do in the story should be a thing in the RDO, like the Rob, Greet, Antagonise and even “Stop Witness” (with its own options, etc).

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I speak mostly with a RP state of mind where I like to take my time doing things and minding my own, PvP isn’t really my thing, that’s why I enjoy the Free Roam a lot and I love playing it like one of the NPCs and fully immerse in the world.

I know this isn’t of everyone, but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have somewhat the same mindset of mine and can understand what and why I’m suggesting these things. Anyway, I’m 100% sure I probably missed some of the ideas that I originally had when I started to write the post, but I think you get the picture, ahah.

Let me know what are your thoughts about these and let me know some other ideas/suggestions you have!

Have a good one everyone! 😀


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