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RDO Wishlist

I'm a fairly new player to RDO and with that comes a fresh perspective on a game with a couple years under it's feet. Based on my experiences, here are a few QoL/new items I feel would make the game better. I've tried to keep these realistic and not request things that will actively make R* less money (which means they wouldn't do it anyway) even though I'd love to have things like "customization/hairstyle/etc." unlocks and all that…

  • Allow us to use one of our stabled horses on our Hunting/Bounty Wagon for some bonuses (including whistling over the cart); or allow us to have our horse and cart summoned simultaneously
  • Add back in Hotels as a logout spot for some sort of bonus – Since time does not pass in the game, using hotels as a rest spot to recharge cores and allow us to access wardrobe, weapon locker, etc. while away from camp
  • Add back in baths for yellow core bonuses (censor it for girls if you want, IDC)
  • Allow us to own multiples of the same weapon (besides offhand) to have different customizations on it
  • Cleaner silver (or at least an additional silver option) customization texture for guns (make it cost more IDC)
  • Let us buy a Stagecoach that can give us mobile access to our wardrobe/weapon locker and maybe even a slight core-recharge rate based on quality of the coach purchased (these can be robbed by other players for RDO$ with a timed cooldown to prevent exploits)
  • (This one might be unrealistic) Add some BASIC voice acting options to the character creation. Not asking for re-recorded cutscenes or anything, but some "Woah there girl/Easy boy" on my horse from a few voice options (Female/Male, couple choices per ethnicity, etc.) would be amazing for immersion (leave the option for completely silent for people who like it the way it is) (maybe charge gold for the voices? IDK)
  • Fix HDR screenshots/photos
  • Solo lobbies for those anti-social days (I know there's a PC mod)
  • Private lobbies for friends/groups/discords, etc.
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I'm sure I'll come up with more as time goes on but these are a few fun ones for now.

What are your thoughts? What would you add/change?


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