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RDR2 has been quite special, with some firsts.

Content of the article: "RDR2 has been quite special, with some firsts."

Before you read on, be warned, there may be spoilers ahead.

Having finished the main story and the epilogue, a little over a week ago now. I had some time to reflect on what i just played and experienced. And while Rockstar gets some grief for their online practices, rightfully so. I have to say RDR2 is just a masterpiece.

And this is the first time i am still playing an openworld game for over a week since i completed the main story. This is also the first game where i am actually listening to the sound track in the car my daily commute.

This was also the first game where i watched the whole line of credits.

I think this also is the first game i have played with such a large epilogue. I mean, they could have smashed that whole session in a cutscene but instead they added it as a playble bit and i think that was a fantastic move to get some proper closure and start to devellop a bond with John.

And that is a big part of those whole game i feel. This is the first game where i got such a bonding to so many characters. Even the end where Sady and Charles leave, that hurt, i really wished to keep some of them close.

And well for the first time i am still playing after over a week of finishing the story. because well, there simply isn't a lot that interests me as RDR2 is still. And i haven't even properly started the online bit yet, something i am also looking forward to quite a bit.

The other open world games that i have played just don't get close. having played the AC games from 2 to Odyssey, i gues Origins was a little close but with most of those titles i felt done when the story was done. AC3 was perhaps also very close as i absolutely loved the setting, being slightly earlier then RDR2, but it had less to dofor me after completion.
And in Odyssey i had to take breaks to complete it, it was simply too big.

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One thing i enjoyed a lot was that it feels like a RPG, but wihout the stat / gear hunt.

RDR2 just feels absolutely smooth in it's experience. It handles smooth. One of my biggest gripes i had with what others often convey as one of the best games, the Witcher 3, that game had horribly clunky controlls, and i hated the combat.

There is just so much it does so fantasticly well. For me this is the LoTR of video games. It has volume, depth, detail and so much quality. Even the cutscenes alone are both longer and better done then a lot of movies.

Oh and can we apreciate that the Epilogue is not a payed DLC? And that there is quite some hours of online content. Like we get this offline singeplayer, and then added to that is what well nearly could be a whole game on it's own with a full character creator and what not.

I think this vollume of quality content is quite rare. And i had to chucked when i saw Ubisoft with their AAAA game news. As i played so many of their openworld AAA titles. If only they even managed to make an AC title as good as RDR2.

Rockstar, you are one of a kind. A big studio that delivers quality that puts most, if not all of the other big gaming studio's to shame.
It is easy to just buy a game and complain about faults, but i am just very gratefull that some massive group of peple worked together and put in the efford to make this. And while specially the PC release was a little rhough from what i saw. At this moment it seems to work just smooth. And now with more content being added to the online bit. Thanks,

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I am going to enjoy this game some time to come, thanks for the ride so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sorry for this mess of a post.


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