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So i know the topic of what rdr3 will be about/when it’ll be set/who’s perspective it will be from has been beat to death, but I wanna offer my idea.

It’s 1870ish. You play as a freed slave named James Smith. Although trying to stay on the good side of the law, it’s the Wild West and pretty hard to avoid crime, so you end up running with a gang. Since this would be further back in time and set during the height of the Wild West, the action would be a lot more fun to play with and the missions could be set in wilder, more creative circumstances. More train robberies, bank robberies, bar fights, anything at all, really. James ends up splitting away from his gang and stays with a Native American tribe for a while (as lots of freed slaves did). There he meets a girl and falls in love, all while defending her tribe from the US military that attack them constantly, ambushing convoys, raiding barracks with the other native men, etc. The girl ends up getting pregnant and has a son; a few years pass by, and the girl is taken away by soldiers, leaving James and his son. James falls into a depression without his wife, starts committing crimes recklessly, drinking more than he should. Eventually his son runs out on him, and he ends up dying a sad death.

Fast forward to 1898. A man – James’s son – is speaking to another man in a bar somewhere north of West Elizabeth. “My names Dutch, Dutch Van Der Linde” the man says, “What’s yours, son?” “Charles Smith”

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(We spend the epilogue of the game as Charles, with the game ending as the gang arrive at Blackwater. Arthur mentions at the start of his journal that they had been staying up North for a while before Blackwater and that there had been a big fire or something of the like and they’d had to leave quickly because of trouble; it’d be interesting to explore a bit of that time. Also, ending it prior to the mess in Blackwater would mean we wouldn’t play through the Blackwater massacre, and would instead end the game right before it all went to shit)


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