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RDR3 Suggestion (in great detail)

Hi boahs,

First of all let me say this, I've thought long and hard about an RDR2 sequel/prequel, that will relate to the Van der Linde gang, but also give the players a brand new story. I've read snippets of RDR2 fan thoughts, what they'd like from a new RDR story, I've analyzed how much of the gang's backstory we know, and evenly weighed up all and any potential protagonists.

Questions are welcome and encouraged. I'd love this concept to take off.

You are Mac Callander. The year is sometime in the late 1880's/early 90's. Somewhere west of RDR2's events, you and brother Davey Callander leave a wake of destruction in your path. A pair of vicious and violent Scots, you steal, shoot and murder your way through the west. Now, we know Rockstar can write masterful stories into their games, so the opportunity of the wild west, coupled with the very little we know of the Callander boys, is potential for unrestrained storytelling. I'm truly excited even thinking this is a possibility. A few theories of the setting, and their life at this point, could include Mac and Davey being: – Part of a gang we've not heard of; – Part of a minor gang we've already been introduced to; – Not part of a gang, but working as a duo; – Literally just arriving in the US in pursuit of their fortune.

Bearing in mind that Bill Williamson tells Arthur, "Mac was just the type of man that you'd want to go robbing with," the plot has the potential for an action-packed tale, including Mac beating up fifteen sailors, (as told by Uncle.) Finally, at the end of the main story, for the first time in RDR history, we can be satisfied that our protagonist doesn't die. In fact, as a part of the conclusion – or epilogue – Mac and Davey meet and become a part of the Van der Linde gang. It will reintroduce the camp mechanics we loved so much as Arthur from RDR2, possibly even better. Bearing in mind, Rockstar will be able to bring back a lot of our favourite characters we'd come to know and love, but not that motherfucker Micah, who'd not long joined the gang at the outset of Arthur's story. Of course there are other gang members that, depending on what year the end of RDR3 would take place, may also not make the cut. Including: – Jack; (almost definitely) – Bill Williamson; – Abigail Roberts; – Javier Escuela; – Lenny Summers; – Charles Smith; – Jenny Kirk;

Boahs, this is just a few ideas I had, but the further I thought about it, the more hyped I got. I'd love to hear what y'all think – even the criticisms. As said, feel free to ask questions about my concept. It would still sadly be a tale of tragedy, as we know only too well how Mac's story ends…


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