Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

RE: The Quitters.

Every other day on this sub, and other related subs, people post some goodbye speech to the game; and while I think those things can and should be shared with others. …I think there's a measure of context that needs to be accounted for.

Firstly, without generating "excuses" for Rockstar or any other game company, we're still in the midst of a global pandemic that has certainly slowed and/or halted the development of certain types of content. Particularly content the requires mocap for new character animations or for cutscenes with NPCs. That's just the facts.

Secondly, there are definitely ways that Rockstar could and should improve player experience. Including, but not limited to:

-More Horse stalls and coat colors -Story Mode and NPC clothing released for purchase. -Balancing Dead Eye cards and putting a cooldown on tonics -Customization in saddles, at least to the degree of purchasing a saddle stat package and being able to apply that to any existing saddle aesthetic. -rereleasing previous Outlaw Passes with no gold refund.

Next, "The game is dead", "it's boring", etc. If this is your feeling, then RDO probably isn't for you. Adding "heists" and the like will end up just like the Telegrams and Legendary/Infamous bounties. They'll be fun the first or second time through, then you'll be bored with them as well. This is no different than ANY other online service game. You get some skins, variants, augmentations, whatever; every 3 months and then you wait til the next season/battle/outlaw pass drops. Studios don't make anything that isn't monetizable anymore.

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PrOpErTiEs: This WILL NOT happen until the "Land of Opportunities" story arc is completed and our characters have "cleared their name". I know it's been so long with our mobile camps, that we've forgotten, but our characters are prison escapees and outlaws from justice.

In temporary conclusion, remember that there's several factors that hold back mega content drops and that's of Rockstar's own making. We either stick with it and be patient or move on. I'm being patient. This game has tons of ways to become the premier online multi-player game. I hope you're there with me when it happens.


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