Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Really underestimated Red Dead Redemption 2

I know its been 3 years since the game released but I just now started playing it, so no spoilers, am still on Chapter 1.

I was skeptical of the game since its release, not a very big fan of Rockstar and just not interested in cowboys in general. I thought the game was all graphics and no depth and just another overrated game. Saw some reviews people saying it was cumbersome, slow and tiring so just didn't play it.

Btw I am a big Assassin's Creed fan, played all AC games except AC Unity which I finished half and then left it because it was so boring, uninstalled it and just watched all its cutscenes(which was still so boring, just skipped to the ending).

Then yesterday, I thought to just go through Assassin's Creed Unity for the sake of it, but then Red Dead 2 caught my eye, lets see what is this hype all about. Installed the game, changed some settings, the western themed main menu was welcome.
Holy moly, the opening scene was great, voice acting was on point and top notch, the horses felt so alive(just kept petting my horse and bumping into others' horse and see them fall), everyone moved so naturally, the graphics were too good, so many people to interact with in the prologue alone, each with different voices and personality, so much interactability with the environment, after the first shooting I shot a dead boy in the head, really dismemberment too, how much detail is in this game. Loved falling down the cliffs and seeing Arthur ragdoll, also loved diving in the snow pointlessly. Damn the snow feels so real. And how is not just Arthur, but everyone's clothes so detailed. Gunplay feels real good and has great weight to it. Pacing of the story is good and not rushed, feels so good.
Just started, but the first chapter itself feels so good. Not trusting reviews again.

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This really changed my perspective of the game and I can't wait to play it more. RDR2 you got yourself another fan.


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