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Red Dead 2 Zombie DLC Concept I’ve had

Content of the article: "Red Dead 2 Zombie DLC Concept I’ve had"

I'm working on a script for a Red Dead Redemption 2 zombie DLC. I've started it about a month ago and I've decided to call it


It's basically where the DLC would start somewhere in the beginning of Chapter 2. Arthur is in camp and a mission for Dutch appears, at his tent. He is reading a book (likely by Evelyn Miller, of course) and when the player approaches Dutch he greets Arthur. They both talk about a plan to get all of the heat off of the gang and the price off of their heads in Blackwater. Hosea is skeptical that due to the price on the gang's head, they will not be able to go back to Blackwater to collect the money anytime soon. Dutch puts Arthur in the position where he is to pick what he would do in their situation: would he do what Dutch believes is smart, or lay low, as Hosea would say. Arthur, in exact words, says, "Listen, Dutch, the price on our heads is high and all, and getting that price off our heads is ideal, but I'm gonna tell you right now, if we even step foot into that town or anywhere near that town, it won't end well, and you know that as much as any of us do." Of course Dutch takes this as doubting him, but overall agrees to lay low and let things play out. Arthur walks away. Reverend Swanson approaches him and talks to him about a green mask he saw in a house in Big Valley that contains the spirits of the dead and that it could possibly bring them back. Arthur takes this as "some foolish nonsense" and tells Swanson to lay off the bottle for a little while. Swanson tells him that not everything he says is foolish and that he'll see that he's right. Arthur goes to sleep, thinking about why Swanson would think about something like this.

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Now let's get to the plot of the story.

Arthur wakes up at night with Dutch yelling his name. He quickly runs over to Dutch, who is shooting at a small horde of zombies, along with Bill, Javier, John, Lenny, Charles and Hosea. He takes out his revolver (player's choice before triggering the first mission", and this is where the game begins. Arthur and the gang are to take out the horde, and the rest of the story is a surprise.

What do you guys think of my idea? Let me know.


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