Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Red Dead Online is the biggest joke of an online game to ever exist.

I am fully done with rockstar and they're shitty online expansion of red dead 2. I have never been disconnected from a game 47 times in a row on the loading screen before being put into a game only to be kicked again the minute i begin a bounty, whats disgusting about Rockstar is they want you to spend real fucking money for in game items but the biggest challenge is getting into a game long enough to equip or even purchase these items, after a long day of working i come home and decide to try the online again after playing Yakuza 0 for almost what feels like forever, I remember why I left this piss poor excuse for an online game.. for the record just because I was taken back at how terrible rockstar online services was I literally counted 47 disconnections before I was allowed into a game, the second i get in I'm made to laugh uncontrollably as Rockstar seems to think I'm going to spend my hard earned money on their fake gold currency to buy clothes, weapons, horses and roles? Its fucking hilarious to me that Rockstar seriously thinks I'm going to spend real money on in game stuff where the ACTUAL FUCKING CHALLENGE is getting in a game long enough to even purchase these items before being kicked again. Its incredibly insulting as a long time Rockstar fan to play this joke of a game… I'll end with this… Fallout 76 is a better online game than RD2 and has a way better fan service, I dont play it but just going on the info I do know.

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