Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Restore Colter, Limpany and Pleasance

This is something I was thinking about while playing the other day, bored out of my mind on the edge of the bayou during another long ride. There's a lot of emptiness in Red Dead 2's world – which, don't get me wrong, is a good thing. However, it's only good for single player, where you're interacting with this world as Arthur/John and have an overarching story and content to keep you occupied. Red Dead Online doesn't have that. I think a huge problem of the game world in RDO is that none of it is new: we're all just riding round a far less engaging carbon-copy of Story Mode's world with our friends. And rather than add new pink hats or a new Outlaw Pass, I think Rockstar needs to actually develop some meaningful content for online, exclusively. RDO is technically a prequel, right? I mean Jake Adler, Sean and the other name characters being alive at least suggests that. So if R* actually wanted to commit to adding more content, this would be a cool way to do it: restore the abandoned towns. Here's my pitch for each one.

Colter: The northern mining town would give players a great reason to actually explore Ambarino, beyond it being cold and pretty. It's one of the coolest parts of the map, and it has nothing up there at the moment. Add a handful of NPCs, a Bounty Board, and maybe a general store/saloon and you have a great gameplay addition. Naturalists and Traders could take game and samples in to sell there, the handful of northern bounties could be posted, and Collectors could pick up clues and trinkets here. Give players an actual strategic choice: it's harder to survive up in the snow, but Colter bounties could be slightly more valuable. Wagons travel half as quickly through the snow, but there's higher quality game in the mountains… I think you get the idea.

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Limpany: With a saloon, sheriff's office and general store… this is already a prime spot to add more life to. For Heartlands players who don't want to get insta-griefed walking into Valentine, this could be the solution. With the implied Cornwall connection, this could also open up NPC missions for more "corporate" players: protecting oil shipments and hunting down wagon thieves. It's quite close to Valentine, but I think that's a good thing – make the Heartlands the "heart" of where players go to earn money.

Pleasance: This is much closer in size to the smaller settlements like Emerald Ranch, so there's not much wiggle-room here. I'd still throw in a Fence or a Trapper, something to close the distance between San Denis and Rhodes. Perhaps a unique vendor of some kind that's exclusively found in Pleasance.

Anyway, that's my two cents on it. I don't think this would be a huge ask, considering the huge amount of content GTA Online receives every few months. They get a whole new island, I think a few small towns is manageable.


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