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Role idea instead of rancher.

Content of the article: "Role idea instead of rancher."

Since there are ranches in the game, but they're already owned by npcs. And, as far a I know, all the unoccupied farms/ranches are potential mission sites, rather than having it be a property based role like a rancher, instead have a Wrangler role. Cripps could send you to meet an old cowboy type who (for the usual gold bars) will show you the ropes and introduce you at one of the numerous writing ranches around the map where you can start work as a ranch hand helping with herding, drives, catching wild livestock, dealing with rustlers/predators, etc.

At rank 5 you could buy a livestock pen for your camp where you can keep horses, cattle, or sheep to build a herd to take to market. Once you catch and "own" livestock you would need supplies to get them to a healthy enough state to sell at market. Horses would have the additional option of training (replacing bonding). You couldn't get a new mount this way, but could instead lasso and train them for increased profit.

The old cowboy would handle the care of the animals like Cripps makes trade goods. Taking stock to market would be a mission like any other delivery with potential rustler attacks, wild animals, etc. Coming after the herd as you drive it.

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Additional content: rodeo events with bronc and Bull riding, barrel racing, and roping events. You could also spot random rustlers with herd you can steal, or become a rustler yourself. Unlocks could include; -Tie your lasso off to your saddle horn and have your horse keep whatever you roped in place, even if you dismount out to free up your hands for shooting. – Horse tricks (similar to bounty hunters spinning their guns). – Related camp upgrades -Play instruments around your campfire (like in moonshine bar). -Quarter Horses as a role mount – The ability to have a pack/secondary horse. -I also like the idea of team roping. One player would lasso an animal (cattle, bison, etc) if another player throws a lasso it get the back legs and pull the animal off its feet, enabling a knife kill or branding. Could also be a rodeo event. -and/or Whistle a tune or a cattle call as an emote


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