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Searching for RDR2 Day One or 1.09 Patch. Will pay for copy.

Greetings Reddit users and Players of Red Dead Redemption 2

This post pertains to Xbox One users, although feel free to read through regardless of the platform you play on. I am in search of an outdated Xbox One patch for RDR2, specifically the Day One or 1.09 Patch. Below are listed my reasons for this search and how I might obtain it.

I have never posted on Reddit before, preferring as many do, to stalk around the various threads in order to find information about one game detail or another.

Since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in October of 2018, I have played the game daily, enjoying story mode exclusively. I do not care for multiplayer in relation to any game. I have very limited Internet access, and speeds which are akin to dial-up (that is an exaggeration of course), and yet taking into account the average patch size for video games these days, dialup is not all that far off, since gigabyte requirements go up and I fall further and further behind. I remember when a 5 GB roof was all I had per month; this has of course risen with time and advancements in rural bandwidth, so these days, I have a 30 GB roof, yet this is bottlenecked by speeds which are technically 4G, although they attain the minimum qualification to be called such. In other words, updating my Xbox, or downloading a patch is a big deal.

With Red Dead Redemption 2, I remember being stunned by the graphics with the day one patch, and thoroughly impressed with the lack of glitches or immersion breaking subtleties. The Xbox One X provides the best experience, this being the system I am playing on. However, with the introduction of multiplayer as of 1.04 beta, story mode has become progressively riddled with small and yet highly distressing problems. To have seen the game in such a wonderful state at the beginning, and then experience multiplayer additions progressively lower this bar, I am thoroughly demoralized. I played the first Red Dead Redemption a lot on 360. The psychical Game of the Year edition was quite interesting, as until that point, I didn’t even know what a patch was, much less understood the concept of DLC. When Rockstar released the RDR 1 patch for Xbox X, in order to upscale the resolution to 4K, I was quite happy, particularly so because anticipation for the second game felt immensely rewarding, since I liked the story of the first so well.

All of this should provide a little background upon my reasons for finally posting on Reddit here. Red Dead Redemption 2 in its current state, patch 1.25 or 1.26… I’m not really sure anymore, is quite disappointing. I foresaw this decline earlier than the moment it was entirely too late, and yet regrettably, at a stage well past story mode’s ideal freeze point. Having played every single Xbox One patch released up to 1.23, this being the point as which foresight stopped me from updating any further, I have determined that there were two plateaus at which story mode was at its best… on Xbox One anyway.

The first is when running with the Day One patch only; many minor bugs are mostly dealt with, and every feature vital and subtle in free-roam is functional. Some of the Trapper gear clipped a little bit, but by and large, the day one patch fixed all that needed fixing, particularly so because Red Dead Redemption 2 was more or less a complete game upon release… unlike everything else these days.

The second patch that showed practically zero bugs, and resolved any remaining story mode issues, was patch 1.09. This is the update in which they included the new HDR mode. Although the color is a little saturated, I find it passable. Every patch after 1.09, bar none, progressively deteriorated story mode.

For reference, I have played the unpatched version of Red Dead Redemption 2 extensively. It is the simplest version I have ready access to, although it is plagued with a laundry list of its own bugs. Compared to current versions of the game, conditions in unpatched are better, however, every plus come with a negative, since there are just as many, if not more minor issues in unpatched compared to current versions, all of which the player discovers the longer they explore and fiddle about. I even made a three-page list of all the differences between patched and unpatched, except I think it is unnecessary to post it all here.

I do not have the day one patch, or the 1.09 patch. Either one of these is what I am in search of. The version I have been playing for quite some time now, is patch 1.23, or The Naturalist Update. This is the point at which story mode received its last additions, in the form of gang members in camp donning pajamas before they retired for the evening. Also, there was the addition of the gun locker, and a minor, if incomplete fix for Shamus’s table; if you’ve noticed, the table is back in patch 1.23, but Shamus’s Nav-Mesh to properly walk around the side of it after receiving a stolen wagon, is entirely missing. He simply walks up to the outward side of the table, walks against it for little while, climbs up on top, takes a few steps and turns around, hovers for a second above the other side, and then drops down into his proper Fence position. It is things like these that ruin the game for me, and they are everywhere.

Just for reference, I’ll list a few of the outstanding problems that exist beyond the 1.09 patch. Bear in mind, this is a scant sampling.

Shamus’s pathing is broken.

When riding, your horse sinks into any body of flowing or still water, soon popping up like a badly animated cork. Sometime after the 1.09 patch, the proper smooth transition from riding on land and then into water was broken. Wild animals still correctly enter the water and begin swimming without the glitched sinking effect, and so does your horse, so long as you are not riding it. In the worst cases, when you full gallop into deep water, Arthur/John’s horse fails to swim altogether and the animal, with you along for the ride, follows the river or lake bed for an absurd length of time, finally surfacing like a physics addled submarine.

The first whiskey purchased at any bar, jiggles hysterically in the glass, probably due to some conflict with the Moonshiners update.

The dark green exterior shutters on both sides of the Rhodes Parlor House, have corrupted textures that flicker when exposed to indirect light, i.e. shadows. If the in-game sun is shining directly on them, they don’t flicker, otherwise, they flash something fierce. This shutter texture is shared at Lone Mule Stead, causing its shutters to do the same thing.

Grains bags do not have their proper LOD animation upon the character or NPC placing it upon their shoulder. The bag should contour when being held, but instead, it flicks up into a rigid static model when the player or NPC begins walking. Standing still, the bag re-animates to its proper draped position over the player or NPC’s shoulder.

There are other corrupted texture LOD’s around the game world, such as a small white ground level mailbox thing that appears in multiple towns. They flash like crazy until standing very close by.

All enterable structures in the game exhibit a single solid black flash for a split second upon entering their appropriate LOD range. In plain terms, when you enter a town, any structure that has an interior which must load a file based on all the interactions you’ve had in that building so far, dialog/story etc., performs this necessary action by briefly flickering pitch black. It is most noticeable with the stable in Tumbleweed, and the hotel in Valentine.

As of the 1.15 patch, they added a number of story mode content pieces; however, each has its own annoyances.

The Lemat Revolver and M1899 Pistol do not have dialogue attached to them when being first shown to the player at a gunsmith. All other weapons have this, showing that these firearms were never meant to be in story mode. As much fun as the Lemat revolver is, I would prefer a cleaner experience without it, plus the Lemat sound file is shared by the Schofield, and the M1899 also shares audio and reload animations with the semi auto pistol.

As of 1.15, Fast Travel was added to your campsite; I do not mean your ‘Gang Camp’ via the wagon mounted or table displayed world map, the latter only happening in chapter 4; I mean the transient accommodations you set up for yourself around a campfire, with the addition of a tent during inclement weather. Fast travel was added alongside Cook/Craft, Sleep and so on. Fast travel ruins games in general; it takes a large map and shrinks it down to a laughable size. I very much enjoyed the lack of easy free fast travel when I first played RDR2. Having to real time travel on long hunting trips, adds weight and consequence to you journeys. It also makes stagecoach and train fast travel a special consideration that fits seamlessly into an immersive playthrough. Red Dead 2 is slow paced by design; speeding things up does not help. Camp fast travel is an addition that bothered me from 1.15 on.

These are just some of the problems with any version of the game beyond 1.09. The unpatched has its own extensive set of glitches, many of which I have never seen people talk about here on Reddit. There is some general stuff they consistently notice, but there are many, many more problems that go under the radar, mostly because you have to scour the map and explore all of the game play features to find them.

The above sampling is to elucidate my reasons for making a community request.

I’m not sure how Reddit works in terms of banning an account for one reason or another, however, this is my only avenue.

For anyone playing with either the Day One Patch, or the 1.09 patch, I wish to somehow contact you, and hopefully arrange a transaction, whereby one of these two versions of the game would be copied onto an external drive, and sent to me. This would depend entirely on a gamer out there who consciously stopped updating their game when reaching 1.09, or remained at the Day One patch. I didn’t even know you could store versions of a game on an external drive until recently; otherwise I would have done this all myself. 360 allowed so much more access, whereas X One is mostly impregnable to user management. The odds are slim and become slimmer every day that an Xbox user still has the Day One or 1.09 patch, when gamers knowingly and unknowingly update to the most resent patch every day, sometimes automatically because the console is set to do this by default, forever erasing another older, yet cleaner version of RDR2. I do not have the Build number of 1.09 or Day One. This is displayed on the game library page of the console, stating the Version of the game you are currently running. In the case of RDR2, it is also briefly shown in the bottom right of the screen when you start up the game, after the splash art pops up.

I cannot make a correlation between 1.09 or Day One and their respective build numbers; there appears to be no reference for this online. You would simply have to know which patch you stopped at, having never intended to participate in multiplayer.

This will seem like an odd request; I am well aware of that. I do not contribute to Reddit on any topic, so this request is my only way of finding out if this is even possible.

I would, of course, not expect any of this to be done for free. Once again connected to Reddit policies, I cannot openly state the amount I would pay for either version of the game, unless to say it is worth the full price of a new Xbox One game.

In theory, this is how it would work. Half transferred through PayPal alongside an HDD drive sent by me to the gamer’s physical address. The Day One or 1.09 version of the game would then be copied onto the drive, which does not affect the player’s save data in any way, and then shipped back to me using a prepaid label. Upon receiving the drive and establishing that the correct version of the game is copied onto it, I would then send the second half of compensation via PayPal.

I can’t think of any other way of doing this.

As mentioned a couple times now, Reddit probably has draconian policies about this or that, pretty much everything online does these days. I’m an eBay seller, so I should know.

Anyway… Just to distill this down for easy understanding.

For the full price of a new Xbox one game, I would be willing to purchase either the *Day One* patch of Red Dead Redemption 2, or the *1.09* version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

These two are the only versions I am interested in; everything beyond 1.09 is broken somehow, and everything in between Day One and 1.09, carries with it major graphical downgrades.

Half compensation would be sent up front, along with a physical package containing the HDD drive. The game would then be copied onto the drive and sent back to me via a prepaid label, and after verifying the version of the game is correct, a second half of compensation would be sent via PayPal.

I know I’m repeating myself; this is just to make it all very clear.

I’m not stating actual values here because that’s probably something the moderators look for. The price of a new Xbox One game is obvious; half upfront, half upon receivership. I am certainly honorable in this request, so it would simply be a matter of finding someone else willing to help me.

I guess that about wraps it up. I do not have high hopes for this petition, but there really is nothing to lose. I’ve enjoyed playing Red Dead Redemption 2 a great deal, and it all but breaks my heart that such a wonderful single player experience, produced amid so many other games going the evil way of multiplayer and online only, should suffer such great detractors from its originally excellent condition.

Arthur may die in the end, but we all try to make him the best he could be along the way, and I would like to continue playing with this ideal unsullied by corporate multiplayer greed. It is staggering how little respect the gaming community gets from these big developers. It’s as if they are required on principle to sever ties with single player content.

Anyhow… contact me through Reddit here if you have one of the two versions of the game I’ve stated, and are willing to exchange a measure of trust.

Thank you.


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