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Small script for moving PRDR files

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HiI am really getting into RDR2's photo mode. I do find the whole "images must be viewed on Social" to be a pain in the ass, so I made a small batch script to move and rename. The files open in Photoshop or free image viewer IrfanView (which also lets you batch save/convert to other formats without the metadata from R*). The batch is handy because I don't always want to open pictures right away, and this just moves and renames them for me. You can also select all PRDR files in explorer, hit F2 and add a *.jpg extension and move them, but this is just one click once you've made the file.

Fire up Notepad and write this:

echo Moving and renaming files


mkdir images

move prdr* images

cd images

ren * *.jpg

Save with the extension *.bat in your RDR profile folder. like this: moveandrename.bat in i.e.the C:UsersYOURNAMEDocumentsRockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption 2ProfilesAA300D76 folder.
This is easiest if you're not very familiar with stuff like this. You may need to run as administrator but it's usually enough to just double-click the bat file in the file explorer 🙂
Here is what it does:

  • Echo Moving and renaming files just tells you whats going on in the window that pops up,
  • Pause is to just make sure you want to do this – if not, just close the window to stop the script running, or remove the pause line if you dont want to be asked
  • mkdir images creates a folder named images in your RDR profile directory. If it already exists, it will tell you the folder already exists and move on (yes, other DOS people I could have used something more complex like going to town with if not exist and other fun stuff, but c'mon, this is superbasic)
  • move prdr images* tells to move all files starting with PRDR – the image files RDR2 generates to the folder named images
  • cd images means we change directory to images. I forgot that and ended up renaming everything in my profile folder. Minor oops, there. So don't typo or forget this one 🙂
  • Ren *.jpg* means we rename all files with no extension to jpg so we can open them in Irfanview or Photoshop
  • and then just have at it with editing
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