Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

So, I beat the game, and I get it now…

I will preference my comments by saying I attempted playing the first game when it came out on Xbox 360 back in the day, and for some reason I could not get into it. About 2 years ago, I gave it another shot playing it on Xbox Series X, and maybe got an hour further into the game. Just wasn't vibing with it. It was weird because I like open world games in that syle, but looking back maybe it was the combat/control system and it was some-what boring?

I bought the 2nd game about when it was on sale and just had it sitting in my game collection for a while. Anyone who I talked to about it all they had were positives, so I was able to get an Playstation 5 at the beginning of the year, I figured let's give it a shot. And yeah…I get it now.

Arthur Morgan is such a cool and likeable character from the very beginning. As you go about all the obstacles his arc is beautiful, even though at the beginning he was always questioning Dutch, which was good because most of the gang went along with whatever Dutch said. At first when the game opens up, I did not like how the game just made you figure things out, but I got over that quickly just riding to all the towns. I understand how Roger Clark won best actor over Christopher Judge in 2018 now too. Both incredible performances but it was well deserved to Clark.

Read more:  I've watched a lot of videos on Micah that really don't give any credit to the character for acting like the way he is rather than "Micah bad". This is my essay on the most hated man of Red Dead Redemption fans.

Dutch as well is one of the most interesting characters in any video game in IMO as well. being a filmmaker myself, the writing for him was just addicting and even though "his plan" was kind of a running gag at the end, I found myself still wondering what we (as the gang) were going to do. Just a fantastic all around honestly.

The detail, the graphics are the best in any game and are right there with Last of Us, holy fuck it's beautiful.

Overall it has to be in my top 3/5 games ever. I think that especially after going through the Prologue I will have a new appreciation for the first game. I have watched videos and pretty much knows what happens but still playing it is a different experience entirely. I get it now, Rockstar killed it and hope for a Red Dead 3 in the future.


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