Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

So I finished red dead 2 and boy… What a ride

I don't even know where to begin. Don't even know if someone will read this but still, I need to write this down. I loved the game from the start. That bar fight in valentine was enough for me to know how much I would love this. Guess I just didn't know it would make me feel all kinda of emotions and actually made me think about life a lot, still does. Sean's death got to me in a way that I can't even explain. It's like Arthur put in his journal "I'm more sad than I can admit. He was like a little brother". So unexpected.. this game is so realistic on so many levels and death is one of them alright. How life goes on and we go about our business even after something like that. Made me think about the losses I had IRL. And gotta admit there's always a soft spot in me for funny Irish guys. His death hardened me I guess cuz every death after just made me sad, like empty sad. Kieran, Lenny, Hosea… The good ones die while the snake and rats remain. That's life for you. There was this one time I was talking to everyone in camp and went out looking for Hosea, to see what he would say about all of that. Forgot for a moment. Just like I do sometimes IRL. Dutch… Has got to be one of the best written characters I've seen because I still can't hate him. Always liked Dutch. I was behind Dutch even when Arthur wasn't, in Guarma. Kept making excuses for him time and time again. He was losing himself right in front of us but still I believed that at least his relationship with Arthur and their bond wouldn't be something to worry about. When he left Arthur to die… Idk I never felt more betrayed and heartbroken. No movie no tv show no book ever made me feel like this. And the fact that even after that Arthur still follows him to that robbery. Arthur deserved better. Dutch lost himself and Arthur found himself. It's a shame the good one is the one to go, such is life.

It's funny… I started it not giving a crap. Sure as hell beat the shit out of Thomas Downes. And the others. Robbed a lot. I was planning on robbing a couple that moved to the woods only to find out it was Charlotte that lived there I think. That little guilt.. shared it with Arthur I suppose. That scene with Archie and what he said… Always got me thinking what would happen, maybe he'd try to take revenge. What I got instead was.. well didn't see that coming.

Half the game was such a good time. Beating out racists was awesome. Helping out that painter Charles was one of my favorites. The other half I pretty much cried every main mission lol there was some missions that I thought oh well at least nothing sad happened and in the end there was a letter from Mary. And knowing he had a son.. hell. Such good times we had, such bad times. Thank you rockstar. Just thank you.

In these hard times we're living now, getting to escape reality to dive deep into this world so alive. One hell of an experience.


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