Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Spoilers! Just finished my first completion of the game, including side missions.

Content of the article: "Spoilers! Just finished my first completion of the game, including side missions."

So this morning I fully completed rdr2 for the first time and i was left speechless… wow

The level of detail in this game is beautiful. The storyline and plot of the game is without a doubt the best i have ever seen in any computer game or movie. It sits PERFECTLY between real life gunslinger themes and complete fiction. I love the balance of it all.

The game offers everything you could expect from a 10/10 perfect game. It has the fast pace with the main story missions and the slower pace with the side missions and collectibles so i never really had an excuse not to play this masterpiece in my spare time. Got a hangover and looking for something slow and relaxing? Fine! Take it slow and find some cigarette cards or dinosaur fossils or shoot some famous gunslingers. Looking for some proper action? Fine! Rob a bank or a stagecoach or obliterate some o Driscolls with a shotgun!

Not to mention the amazing textures and beyond exceptional graphics and level of detail in the environment. I would stop for a few minutes during some missions just to look out over the cliff face at the amazing view. Example? When I was riding with the Indian tribe leader… some of the views during that mission were as if the picture was taken by a real life person from an actual cliff.

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Then there's the actual rollercoaster of emotions throughout the game… I have never felt so engaged in a game before and the game does a perfect job of building a relationship between Arthur and the player. It's amazing and many of you may disagree but the death of Arthur was perfect for the storyline. It would not have been the same without it. But the game changes your emotions so quickly and so efficiently its beyond what i could ask for! A game has never really made me emotional or teary eyed but this game did on 2 occasions. Once on the last ride back to camp with "that's the way it is" playing and the other time as I watched Arthur die peacefully on the cliff face looking out at the sunset. You can tell r* definitely knew exactly what they were doing with this game. Nothing is short of perfection and i know i should have played this sooner.

Alright imma go play the full game again now


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