Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

The Englishman and The Dutchman have a chat

A: So, it didn’t go out as planned after all, did it?

D: And who are you?…

A: You don’t recognize me, do you? Erh… I don’t blame you. I can hardly recognize myself these days.

D: You look familiar… But believe me son, I am not in the best of moods now so don’t make me ask twice!

A: Hm… 1899. Beaver Hollow…

D: …. What? …. A… Is that you?… Arthur? You’re alive?! That’s impossible!

A: Arthur is dead. He died that night, on that cliff, where you left him… Alone, defeated, betrayed. He died there. But on the next day, a fellow named Charles found a certain Isaac Callahan, an Englishman lying half-dead on a cliff.

D: Arthur, my boy! I am so… glad, that you are alive. I… I am so sorry abo-…

A: No, you’re not. You weren’t sorry then. You were not sorry when you left me at that oil factory, and you weren’t sorry when you left me to them O’Driscolls. You weren’t sorry Dutch… But, it don’t matter anymore. Arthur is dead anyways. And me? I’m doing better than you’d expect.

D: But how?…

A: Heh Jesus, where do I even begin? I can hardly believe it myself when I remember it… Anyways, Charles found me in the morning. Rains Fall got word of what happened in Beaver Hollow and Charles decided to come back looking for survivors, or tracks, or… I don’t know why he was there, and how he found me, but err… he did. I mean maybe he was looking for the money, for the Wapiti, I don’t know… It don’t matter.

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So he found me. Thought I was dead and wanted to bury me but then I coughed. Scared the living hell out of the poor bastard… He helped me get up and took me to the Wapiti. Rains Fall said I looked more like a rotten corpse than a man. They gave me some grass, flowers, some tea I guess, not that I did much to the lungs… They treated my wounds, patched me up, but it took quite a few days until I was able to walk again. Then offered me to go to Canada with them. You see some of the Wapiti had gone up North a few days prior to look for a place to stay and find work. Apparently one of them was this young er Shaman, or or Healer, I never really figured it out. He was one of the chief’s nephews or something… Wanted to study medicine up there, “marry the forces of nature and science” as he used to say. Them wapiti was pretty thankful for the help of Charles and me prior, so that boy tried to treat me. Now the things I put in my mouth back then?… Jesus. Let me tell you, eating grass and, and Boiled – Dirt with some sorts of herbs in it was the least ugly…

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But a couple of weeks of treatment and I started improving! It felt like a miracle. Then I helped Charles and the Wapiti settle in. Charles returned south; said he was missing the good ol’ American winds. I asked him to make a grave for me and spread the word that I’d died. I thought that maybe after all that shit over the years I should take a page outta John’s book and try some of that peaceful life for myself. Stayed with the tribe for a few years, or what was left of it… The travel kicked them real hard. But it looks like fate got its way. I heard that them drillers went bankrupt after they found out that place ain’t worth much oil… I learned much from them, went hunting with Rains Fall… It was nice. And believe it or not that boy that cured me, he went all the way over to Europe, to Germany, to study. Turns out he made friends with two German folks, or maybe they was Austrian, and they tried publishing some er… scientific research on medicine and curing diseases back in ’02…Then a few years back Charles returned. He told me he had met John, and that he and Abigail had bought themselves a ranch, can you believe it?

D: I… I don’t know what to say, Arthur, I… *Sigh* It seems that fate has turned around… But it’s too late now. Too late for that. I have a plan. A new plan. It is still the right plan. And I –

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A: Fate, huh? Yeah, fate has turned around… I hear that John got Bill, and now he’s getting closer to you. Any day now he’ll be here, and all them things are gonna be settled right. It’s over Dutch…

Dutch closed his eyes and let his head down. He breathed slowly and thought of himself. Of what he had done. Of how fate had turned life over and over and thrown him into the dirt. Or maybe it was all himself. He meditated for a minute, then looked back up. He looked around himself, in a bit of a panic, or maybe fear…

D: Arthur?


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