Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

The Horse Thief of Blackwater (Story Time)

So I just got Red Dead Online a few days ago and I LOVE IT!!

I was so happy when they released it for everyone without having to buy Red Dead 2; don’t get me wrong, Red Dead 2 is a beautiful and fun game…but I like the kind of games where you can make your own characters.

So, the first mission I did was the one where you steal the horseback from the horse thieves to give back to the other horse thieves. In the panic of everything, I took the first horse I saw; a Grey coat stallion. Once we both returned, and I was OH SO graciously given the horse I stole; I named the stallion Dusty…and thus a friendship was born!

I made sure to max out the horse bound right away, and when I say I love this horse…let's just say I was horribly traumatized when he died…then even more so when I whistled and saw him come running up to both me and his cold, lifeless body. As if I totally didn’t accidentally get him killed by a train a few minutes before.

Now, picture this; Me(A just recently turned Rank 10 player) and Dusty( A normal gray coat stallion) have just ridden into Blackwater to finish up a quest. While I’m still in the building I check my map to see where I should head out next…I notice the post office has something for me and right as I mark the Blackwater post office on my map; another player's mic suddenly turns on then cuts out. I think I hear the word “Nice” but at the same time, I think nothing of this.

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I get out of the building and notice that Dusty isn’t where I left him. “Maybe he wandered off…or maybe I left him somewhere else?” I think, so I start to whistle for him…nothing. I see Dusty on my mini-map, but no matter how many times I whistle, he stays put.

So I decided to go and just find him, and what do you know, he was standing right in front of me the whole time. The reason why I didn’t recognize him, was because someone else was riding him.

I was very confused and started to whistle and circle Dusty and the Horse Thief (my mic wasn’t on) trying to tell the other player that; “This was my horse, please get off” but the thief did nothing but stay seated. After a while, I just grabbed Horse Thief and threw him off Dusty. He then got up from the ground, shot and killed me…along with his buddy the Posse Leader.

When I respawned, I started to whistle for Dusty, but it seems he was still captured by Horse Thief. So, I did what any young western lady would do. Took my repeater and shot the bastard in the back while he was still in the saddle. I shot until his body was just limply laying on the back of my horse. Posse Leader then killed me. But this gave Dusty enough time to follow my whistling when I respawned.

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….But it wasn’t over….

See, Horse Thief had respawned, and both he and Posse Leader were out for blood. You have to remember. I’m still a very new player, my character still has the default clothes on and no upgraded weapons. By some chance, I managed to kill Horse Thief ( who may or may not have been rankes above me), but they both killed me several times already. I couldn’t fight and if I stayed I would for sure get caught in a spawn-die cycle or have Dusty taken from me.

So I ran. I got onto Dusty’s back and we took off. Bullets flying everywhere, some even hitting their marks. I rode out of Blackwater like the devil was on my tail. But they were gaining on me, my health was low and the bullets kept coming. Then I see it, a blue dot…another player! Hope!

I rode up to the other player, trying to get his attention, but it was too late….

I got lassoed, Dusty tripped and we both went crashing down. My health was at its lowest. I started to get dragged back toward Horse Thief and Posse Leader, dragged past the Blue Stranger, and then a bullet killed me.

I respawn and whistle. Dusty comes running and I notice on my map that Blue Stranger was still with the other two but the two red dots weren't moving. I conclude that Blue Stranger is buying me some time, so I get on to Dusty and run until the player dots disappear.

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After all of that, I didn't want to risk going back to Blackwater and decided to head up to Strawberry and get my mail there. Was it worth it? Well, I got a treasure yeah….Still don't know…

To the Blue Stranger, I tip my hat to you, thanks for your help.

And to Horse Thief and Posse Leader…..don’t touch my horse.


Dusty and Me


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