Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Things I wish rdr2 singleplayer had part 2 and cut content I would be ok if it was in the game.

Disclaimer:this is going to be to long to read,some of this is cut content, some of it is minor, some of it is ideas.

I.mistake I made in part1 I was to fix.

1.blackwater prologue without the blackwater massacre:this was cut content because if you look at a gameplay trailer arthur was in south west Elizabeth, but I bet that was cut content. Even roger Clark admitted that alot of early parts in game was cut from game but however last night I did research this.(I made a mistake that in part that I put blackwater massacre prologue because I totally forgot that Arthur wasn't their.)

II.part2 of things I wish rdr2 singleplayer had. shoe and lairs dice and arm wrestling(these 3 minigames were in rdr1 why not put them in rdr2. Lairs dive was my favorite minigame in rdr1.)

2.story dlc(I know rockstar games is not going to do story.)

3.cut story missions,strangers, and other side missions(like the arthur is with dutch's gang on a train and the bounty hunters going after dutch's gang on a train.)

4.owning carriages or stagecoach(this could be a good way to make money to transport people to places.) mining(I got this idea from a game called gun.)

6.expended snow north to explore on that was cut from rdr2

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7.cut secrets and Mysteries (like neanderthal)

8.maybe have some more weapons(I'm not expecting to all the weapons from 1800s)

9.ponchos(why can't have these to wear in rdr2 these are in rdr1.)

10.recuit some npcs to be part of dutch's gang(I know this isnt watch dogs legion but this would be a cool feature were you hire npcs to be part of dutch's gang kind like how dutch hires native Americans to be his gang.)

III.cut content I would of been ok to be in game to see.

1.second love interest(I do understand this would be weird but I would be ok seeing this in game.)

  1. Iassic morgan frozen to death(I do understand that rockstar games cut this out because it would of been dark and I do understand yall may not like seeing that. But at times for me I'm ok see darker monuments in video games.)

3.cut trinkets and guarma relics

4.cut animals:like sharks

-the more cut content I see the more that I wish it was in the game. It is ok if yall disagree with me. I do understand why rockstar games had cut some of this stuff.when it comes to weapons tell me what type of weapons would work to be added for rdr2 singleplayer.

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